75 Years Ago

August 11, 1944

Appeal for state help to avert a Falmouth ice famine was made this week by Lawrence C. Antonellis. Mr. Antonellis told the state Division of Necessaries of Life he is being forced to cut in half the ice he is supplying four Falmouth retail distributors. To furnish even half the demand to these retailers, Mr. Antonellis said he has had to ration his own retail customers.

* * *

A succession of calls to the selectmen yesterday morning reported the flag on the Village Green pole flying upside down. Selectmen called police. Just before noon Chief Baker went to the Green and righted the flag. A park board employee attends to daily raising and lowering of the flag.

* * *

A number of cottages at Bywater Court are occupied by army wives whose husbands are on active-duty. The court has been nicknamed by one of the war residents “war widow lane.” Some of these war wives expect to remain in Falmouth for the duration or until they are able to join their husbands.

60 Years Ago

August 7, 1959

Planning board is contemplating regulation of outdoor signs advertising liquor and beer. Exploring the possibilities, the board has obtained information from the state of New Hampshire, where rigid ban on outdoor liquor advertising is enforced by the state licensing authority. In New Hampshire it extended even to exclusion of the impersonator of Father Knickerbocker, who walks around in costume, a pedestrian advertisement of Knickerbocker beer.

* * *

Soon books can be returned to the Falmouth Public library by dropping them into an outside deposit box similar to a mail box, when the library is closed. That ls not the final note of luxury. The deposit box will be near the driveway and the books can be popped into the box just as now mail can be dropped into the box outside the Falmouth post office.

August 11, 1959

A new town beach in Sippewissett, restricted to residents of the town, was asked in a resolution passed last night at first annual meeting of the Sippewissett Associates.

The resolution is, in effect, a petition to the town beach committee to request selectmen to acquire the land for a restricted beach.

Site proposed is known as Wood Neck beach, running about 400 feet north along the Buzzards Bay shore from Wood Neck road. It is presently privately held. Owners are Dr. George H. Greene, Dr. Merkel H. Jacobs, Maude Maker and Virtue B. Gifford.

* * *

A namesake of Katharine Lee Bates is expected to have prominent part in tomorrow’s program honoring the Falmouth born poet upon the 100th anniversary of her birth.

Miss Katharine Lee Bates, distant cousin of the poet and a Wellesley college freshman, will be the only relative able to come here for the Centennial. Upon her arrival today she will be invited to unveil the monument which the Town of Falmouth has erected at the poet’s grave in Oak Grove cemetery.

40 Years Ago

August 7, 1959

Falmouth firefighters were called out 31 times between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday, resulting in their busiest weekend in many years.

* * *

Most of the nearly 5,000 runners registered to run in the Falmouth Road Race August 19 will get here and stay here at their own expense.

Some, those in a group selected by John J. Carroll Jr., race co-director, in consultation with Richard A. Sherman, a second co-director, will receive money from the road race committee to pay their expenses.

August 10, 1959

For the first time in many years a railroad passenger train stopped at the Falmouth station yesterday. It was the Budd car, which has been sent to Cape Cod to remind us, in a week of demonstration runs, what it is like to ride the rails.

* * *

Falmouth academy will begin its third year with a new headmaster and new location.

The board of trustees have appointed George H. Blackwell of Chilmark to direct the private school during the 1979-1980 academic year, which will open Sept. 10 at the Clayton E. Campbell school at Otis Air Force base.

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