75 Years Ago

February 6, 1945

Plans to improve East Falmouth, Davisville and Waquoit water supply are placed in jeopardy by the Finance committee’s determination to cut the water department budget. To obtain at once full benefit from the well field acquired from the Army, the water department wants to erect a new East Falmouth standpipe this year and lay the sections of larger pipe which are needed to bring satisfactory domestic supply and fire protections to the eastern section.

* * *

A 60-mile gale covered Falmouth with sticky snow last night. The Coast Guard said gusts rose to 75 and 80 miles an hour. Lights began to go out at 5:30 PM yesterday when the rain began to turn to snow.

* * *

Police came to aid of the stork last night in the storm when Mr. and Mrs. Armand Parent, on their way from Falmouth to Tobey hospital, were halted by snow at Buzzards Bay. Mr. Parent succeeded in getting his car across the bridge, and appealed to Bourne police about 9 PM for help. The rest of the trip to Wareham was made in the Bourne police cruiser, with siren blowing. At 1 AM their first son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Parent.

60 Years Ago

February 5, 1960

Forty Lawrence High school students indicated interest when R. Curtis McKee, English teacher, volunteered to teach German every fourth morning at 7:30 AM, before the start of the regular school day.

* * *

Finance committee may ask town meeting next month to establish a stabilization fund. It will depend somewhat upon the rate at which town meeting spends for other things, said Henry G. Behrens, finance chairman.

* * *

No great enthusiasm for the proposal to extend Katharine Lee Bates road and institute a one-way traffic pattern was voiced among the 50 persons who attended the planning board hearing at the Hall school Wednesday. But it was a session to answer questions, not an opinion poll, so this may not be significant.

Not a few of the questions suggested a desire to explore parking bans on Main street before routing traffic one way.

February 9, 1960

A bill filed in the legislature by the State Atomic Energy commission would create an Atomic Energy Authority, under the Department of Commerce, with authorization to establish a Nuclear Park at Camp Edwards.

* * *

Planning board will meet in the court room at the Community center at 8 o’clock this evening to hear public opinion on its proposal to change the name of Davis Strait, the highway approaching Teaticket, to East Main street.

40 years ago

February 5, 1980

When Albatross IV, a 187-foot National Marine Fisheries Service vessel left Woods Hole for the Gulf of Mexico yesterday afternoon, she had two women crew members for the first time.

* * *

A Falmouth Republican town committee spokesman said last night he couldn’t find anyone to speak on the benefits of state takeover of county functions. So what was billed as a public debate on the issue turned out to be a testimonial to home rule.

* * *

The traditional minute of silence in Falmouth public schools went unbroken by spoken prayer this morning, although state law, in effect today, mandated that students be given the opportunity to offer a prayer.

February 8, 1980

“I’d term family problems in the Falmouth school community severe,” said Carrie B. Saunders, head guidance counselor at Falmouth high school.

Mrs. Saunders paced her small office, unsure where to begin, outlining the kind of personal and social conflicts she sees in students every day.

“Parental pressures, fighting at home, divorce and alcoholism are problems kids bring with them to school,” said Mrs. Saunders.

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