100 Years Ago

January 14, 1922

Arthur Diehl, our well known local artist, left on Saturday for St. Augustine, Fla., where he will spend the remaining winter months.

* * *

The absence of snow on the fine roads of the Cape tempt many to keep their cars in commission all winter; motoring through woods of pine and holly trees is an experience one expects to enjoy in the South, the Cape has both and the added beauty of its wonderful lakes makes a picturesque landscape one would travel far to see.

* * *

The first weeks of the new year were ushered in with much social activity among the winter colony at the Heights. Dinners, card parties, motoring and skating among the pleasures enjoyed.

75 Years Ago

January 17, 1947

Purchase of 225 acres between Great Pond and Route 28, Teaticket, and construction of a municipal airport and seaplane base, are asked in two warrant articles sponsored by Falmouth Aviation Committee. Estimated costs, according to the committee’s annual report, are $30,500 for the land, and $58,100 for engineering and construction.

* * *

The town paid out $66 in fox and woodchuck bounties in 1946, Selectman J. Edward Nickerson announced this week. It paid three dollar bounties on 13 foxes and 50 cent bounties on 54 woodchucks. Maurice C. Davis brought in 10 foxes; G. G. Whitney Jr., Allan C. Williams Jr. and Augustus Barrows one each. Killers of fox had to sign a statement they killed their game within the township. Most woodchuck bounties were collected by youngsters. In 1945 the bounty was paid on 45 woodchucks.

* * *

Falmouth’s shore protection program isn’t being translated into jetties and rip rap at the rate of progress for which its sponsors hoped. When first actual work under the program began at Acapesket in September it was hoped a second contract would be let and work started before end of 1946. The jetties at Acapesket were the only ones built last year.

* * *

U. S. Maritime commission has accepted bid of the island steamship line for purchase of an LSM which is now surplus in the pool at Claremont, Va. The ship will be outfitted at Norfolk. The LSM is 203 feet long and powered by two 1,800 HP diesel engines giving 13 knot speed. She was built in 1944. A well deck, running the length of the vessel, makes it possible to carry 20 to 30 cars. Capt. Gordon Keating and Chief Engineer Lovett King will bring the ship to New Bedford. LSM is a landing ship medium and one of the Navy’s latest developments in landing craft. It is smaller than a Landing Ship Tank and bigger than a Landing Craft Tank.

50 Years Ago

January 14, 1972

Mrs. Ann B. Richardson died in the Barnstable County hospital on Wednesday. Her age was 78. She had been ill since she had a stroke in August.

Mrs. Richardson came to Falmouth 45 years ago, a young widow, and became the innkeeper of the Elm Arch Inn. Shrewd management, taste and an instinct for traditional values brought her success and made for the inn a reputation that is today nation-wide.

* * *

Nelson O. Price of Lummis lane, West Falmouth, a leader of a group of petitioners who seek to rezone the Beachcomber property on Old Main road, West Falmouth, to single residence, said that he recently gave the selectmen a petition with more than 200 signatures.

* * *

In mid-January, two months after all herring should have gone down the rivers to sea, Flax pond in East Falmouth this week was full of herring.

George Souza, shellfish warden who has taken restoration of the Coonamessett river herring run as his special interest, was called in when neighbors saw dead and dying fish carpeting the water and gulls by the hundreds wheeling and diving.

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