100 Years Ago

April 30, 1921

The Cape Cod Preserving Corporation expects to pack asparagus, peas, corn, string beans and beets, along with the other products which have already been put out. Contracts are being made with farmers to produce the vegetables required. The canning department is new one and the work will be carried on at both factories, at Falmouth and Wareham.

* * *

Miss Annie Bowman has arrived to put Hotel Breakwater in order for the coming season.

* * *

Two six-inch fire hydrants for which an appropriation of $66 Was made at the annual town meeting, have arrived and will be installed at once. One will be located in the vicinity of the theatres and the other opposite the Memorial library. They are the three way “steamer connection” hydrants and are a great protection to the business section in case of fire.

75 Years Ago

May 3, 1946

For their first Memorial Day since their return from war, Veterans of World War II voted last night for an observance of their own. Widows and mothers of Falmouth men killed in this war will be presented with memorial bouquets in a short ceremony at Falmouth Heights preceding a veterans’ benefit baseball game. The bouquets will be sponsored by the veterans and the presentation made by their chairman, Richard H. Hopkins.

* * *

“I have taken a radical step,” Charles P. Abbott said today, “and closed Old Silver Beach to the public. This season oar beach will be reserved for hotel guests and the neighborhood. I don’t know what the public is going to do. The town beach at Old Silver is too small to accommodate the crowds which come here for bathing every summer.”

* * *

The Cape Codder hotel, through courtesy of Capt. John B. Peterson, will be the scene on Friday, May 10, of the annual Senior Prom.

The social committee in charge of the dance Includes Philip Baker, chairman; Jane Dean, Dorothy Donnelly, Norma Barrows, Elsie Carlson, Mildred Carlson, Leighton Allenby, William Roberts, and Muriel Irving.

* * *

“We are planning to put our best foot forward ln development of our Depot avenue property,” Joseph B. Grossman 2nd, treasurer of Grossman’s of Cape Cod, told The Enterprise today. In describing plans for the lumber company’s new office Mr. Grossman said, “We plan to put up a modern retail store, built in traditional Cape Cod style on Depot avenue.”

The new store will have a 30 to 35 foot frontage and will be 100 feet deep. It will have one office with the rest display room for showing of all kinds of building material including-paint, hardware, electrical and plumbing supplies.

50 Years Ago

April 27, 1971

Falmouth and Cape Cod were represented at Saturday’s peace demonstration in Washington. Thirty-eight were aboard the chartered bus that left the Cape Cod Bus Lines terminal on Walker street shortly after 9 PM Friday. It was 5:30 AM Sunday when the bus rolled back into the terminal after the return trip.

* * *

Easy Rider nightclub in Teaticket will be a different type operation this summer, according to William T. Munson, the Falmouth attorney who represented Samuel I. Lederman, manager of the nightclub, at a selectmen’s hearing yesterday on renewal of the club’s seasonal liquor license.

Rather than a rock and roll discotheque, it will be a “pub style” club, Mr. Munson explained, and the building will be in “sort of English” décor.

April 30, 1971

Before 1 PM Wednesday, three bomb warnings came to Lawrence High school. The telephone calls came at 10:21 and 11:12 AM and 12:40 PM.

It was the luck Mrs. Harryette L. Alexander in the guidance department to receive all three calls.

* * *

Washburn’s island in Waquoit bay is much in the minds of conservationists, and several ideas have been proposed for the island’s development as a public preserve.

Chairman Ortins of the Falmouth conservation commission has been told by the island’s owner that Washburn’s will not be given to the town or put on the market.

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