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Midnight is a friendly 2-year-old female.

People for Cats is still officially closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we have been conducting contact-reduced adoptions via appointment. Once a cat becomes available for adoption, it is advertised on Petfinder and our Facebook page. Prospective adopters should contact us via Petfinder or leave a message for Barbara on our hotline. We will send you a brief questionnaire followed by a telephone interview. If it looks like you might be a good match for the cat, an appointment will be made for you to view the cat at the shelter with minimal contact.

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a difficult year. For most of us, this Thanksgiving will be unlike any other we’ve ever experienced. All the more reason, we think, to remember the spirit of the holiday and focus on our blessings rather than on our challenges. In that spirit, People for Cats would like to recognize those who have helped us during this year.

To begin with, we are grateful for all our volunteers. Despite the difficulties posed by the lockdown, our volunteers have continued their work ensuring every cat who needs us gets the care he requires. We are thankful for the foster families who care for mothers and kittens, cats with special needs and senior cats who have lost their lifelong companions to illness or death. We are grateful to the people who feed and clean up after the cats in the shelter and those who come in to socialize them for future adopters. This year our adoption team rose to the challenges of facilitating adoptions while the shelter was closed to the public and carefully and expertly found loving homes for more than 120 cats. Our appreciation goes to the people who answer the hotline phones and make follow-up calls; write the articles, ads and thank-you notes; the ones who feed feral cats and those who write grants and take care of our website and online contributions. We are grateful to everyone who does any of the myriad tasks, much too numerous to list, that the organization requires to be a well-run and caring no-kill cat shelter.

We are also thankful for the wider community that supports our work. We have had to cancel our usual fundraising activities this year and are truly thankful for everyone who has contributed money, goods and services during the year. Without you we couldn’t continue to care for the cats who need us! We are grateful to the print and electronic publications who run our articles, advertise lost cats and help to publicize our work. The businesses who let us put donation cans on their counters and the customers who drop their spare change into them have our everlasting thanks. The vets who keep our cats healthy and give us excellent advice for their care are our essential workers, and we are so grateful for their care.

Finally, we are thankful to everyone who opened their hearts and homes to a rescue animal. And most of all, we are grateful for all the cats we have come to know over the past year. Sweet, irascible, friendly, scared, old and young, we appreciate every one of you and look forward to meeting a new group in the year to come. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our cat of the week is a domestic shorthaired black beauty named Midnight. This 2-year-old female is absolutely adorable with a shiny, sleek ebony coat and big golden eyes with just a hint of green at their center. She is a friendly, playful and active young lady. Midnight came in with two kittens that have found their home, and she is now looking for a home of her own without other pets. Isla is a pretty little 1-year-old gray tabby Siamese mix with big beautiful blue eyes. She is a sweet girl who takes a few minutes to warm up but in short order can’t get enough petting and affection.

While our census is not low at this point, a few of the cats are waiting for vet appointments before they become eligible for adoption. So keep an eye on Petfinder and our Facebook page.

The People for Cats shelter is at 44 Beagle Lane in Teaticket. Our mailing address is PO Box 422, West Falmouth, MA 02574.

If you need to get in touch with us, call our hotline at 508-540-5654. Press 0, if you have cat-related issues or questions or are interested in volunteering or for additional information about People for Cats. Press 2, if you need help from our Veterinary Care Assistance Fund that provides financial assistance for veterinary care and spay/neuter for qualified residents of Bourne, Falmouth and Mashpee. Press 3, if you must surrender a cat or kitten. All calls are returned as quickly as possible.

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