One way to a cat’s heart is through her stomach, and being the one to feed her strengthens the bond. We need to be sure what we feed her is healthy! Years ago, it was universally accepted that cats love milk and cream, but it was discovered they lose the ability to digest dairy products before they reach adulthood. If cats drink more than a smidgen of milk, they may get diarrhea, bloating or vomiting, just like lactose-intolerant people do, so it’s best for them to drink plain water.

Tuna is another food that can be problematic for a cat’s health. Cats love it, and many cat foods incorporate it. However, a steady diet of canned tuna can cause some serious medical problems down the line. Tuna is low in vitamins E and K, which can lead to internal bleeding and painful inflammation of body fat. Other nutrient imbalances can cause neurological symptoms and bladder issues. So, if your cat adores tuna, vary it with other well-balanced cat food to keep him healthy.

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