Friday, April 9

4:40 AM: Police responded to a crash on Bonnie Lane when a pickup truck hit a deer. The driver and another occupant were not injured. The deer was killed.

12:15 PM: An officer was dispatched to assist with a DCF investigation involving allegations of child abuse. DCF did not believe there was a safety risk, and the child remained in the custody of the mother. The incident remains under investigation.

5:27 PM: Police and fire department personnel responded to an overdose at an East Falmouth Highway restaurant. Medics revived a 25-year-old Hyannis man with Narcan. He was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

5:45 PM: A car crash at the intersection of East Falmouth Highway and John Parker Road prompted police to call the fire department for a fuel leak. One of the vehicles was towed from the scene, and a citation was issued to the at-fault driver for following too closely.

10:11 PM: Dispatch received a call about a woman who was unable to care for an intoxicated man who was trying to get his car keys back from the caller. The 37-year-old Falmouth man was taken into protective custody. The result of a breath alcohol test was .34.

11:14 PM: Police took into custody on an arrest warrant Joshua LaFrange, 28, of Falmouth and held him without bail after police learned he had removed his ankle bracelet. He was on probation for domestic assault and battery. Officers found Mr. LaFrange at his home and he said his ankle bracelet had fallen off and he taped it back on immediately.

11:22 PM: A caller reported being involved in a hit-and-run crash at the intersection of Worcester Court and Spring Bars Road that caused damage to her vehicle. The incident remains under investigation.

11:37 PM: Multiple officers responded to a fight involving 10 men on Luscombe Avenue. A single man standing in front of a restaurant had minor injuries from being assaulted. He was uncooperative and would not identify the other men involved. It was determined the 29-year-old from Falmouth was intoxicated and did not have a sober person to take care of him; he was placed in police protective custody.

Saturday, April 10

8:44 AM: A driver reported that he had struck a deer on Woods Hole Road near FR Lillie Road. The driver was uninjured and the deer ran into the woods.

12:01 PM: Police responded to a two-car crash at the intersection of Teaticket Highway and Oxbow Road. Medics treated injuries at the scene.

7:18 PM: Terry A. Baker, 67, of West Falmouth was arrested and charged with OUI-liquor, negligent operation and a marked lanes violation after he was involved in a crash on Church Street, Woods Hole.

8:11 PM: Police took into protective custody an intoxicated man who was causing a disturbance at Tataket Apartments.

9:18 PM: An officer located the man passed out in a running vehicle and saw a baggie with pills on the man’s lap outside a restaurant on Teaticket Highway. Police woke the man, David R. Eldredge Jr., 30, of East Falmouth, and noticed he appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Police also found he had a suspended license and the vehicle’s registration was revoked. Mr. Eldredge was charged with OUI-drugs, illegal possession of Xanax (Class E drug), revoked registration and operating with a suspended license. He was later released to a sober person.

Sunday, April 11

12:06 AM: Police took into protective custody for drugs Andrew R. Dolce, 31, of East Greenwich, Rhode island, after he entered a home on Oakwood Avenue and the owners reported an intruder in their home. It was revealed that the intruder was intoxicated on methamphetamine (aka, “crystal meth”). He was transported by medics to the emergency room under protective custody (for drugs). During the course of the interaction, police seized 2.5 grams of methamphetamine.

2:24 AM: An emergency room staff member reported an intoxicated 45-year-old woman left the hospital through the ambulance bay doors wearing green paper scrubs. Hospital security officers located the woman and brought her back to the emergency room. Gosnold Treatment Center was contacted but there were no available beds for women. She was medically cleared and placed in police protective custody.

3:44 PM: A caller reported that a young man called her over to his car as she walked through Goodwill Park and when she approached, she saw that he was masturbating. Officers located the boy and identified him. The juvenile is going to be summoned to court for lewd and lascivious behavior.

Monday, April 12

7:42 PM: A driver of a pickup truck struck a deer on Waquoit Highway near Studley Street. The driver was uninjured and the deer ran off.

Tuesday, April 13

2:14 PM: Officers responded to a Central Avenue home and took a person into custody for an involuntary committal for mental illness order.

Wednesday, April 14

11:41 AM: Officers responded to the Falmouth Inn after an employee requested help removing a guest who had overstayed and was extremely intoxicated. Officers found him incapacitated and the man said he had been released from Gosnold a few days earlier. He was not from the area and did not have anyone to take custody of him. He was placed in protective custody and he began complaining about various medical conditions and requested treatment. Medics met officers at the police station and he was released from custody to be transported to the hospital.

9 PM: Police booked and held without bail Ryan M. Hildreth, 30, of Exeter, New Hampshire, after police learned he had four warrants for his arrest.

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