Thursday, December 3

7:18 AM: The Falmouth Fire Rescue Department requested police assistance with traffic control after a reported structure fire at the Main Street Dunkin’ Donuts. Main Street was closed briefly and traffic rerouted. The fire department reported that an HVAC belt on a rooftop unit failed. There was no reported damage to the building.

4:11 PM: Police responded to a Deepwood Drive residence, where a woman who had reportedly been drinking for three days was hallucinating and threatening to kill herself. She was transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

8:36 PM: Police responded to the Great Bay Motel after a report of an intoxicated man repeatedly banging on his ex-girlfriend’s door. Police located the man and placed him into protective custody. When placed into a cell at the Falmouth Police Station, he broke the detention glass. Matthew Dowler, 35, of Red Brook Road, East Falmouth, will be summoned to court for malicious destruction of property.

11:06 PM: A 911 caller reported an employee at a Teaticket Highway business was having a mental health crisis. Police requested the assistance of fire department medics. The employee was transported to the hospital for an evaluation and treatment.

Friday, December 4

12:15 AM: Police responded to Route 28 South, where a deer was struck by a car. The occupants of the car were uninjured, but the deer died.

3:31 PM: Police responded to Emerson House for a reported overdose. The calling party started CPR. Officers arrived after fire department paramedics. The resident was revived after four doses of naloxone . She was transported to Falmouth Hospital for further treatment.

Saturday, December 5

3:29 PM: Officers responded to Woods Hole Road, where a tree had fallen and was blocking the road. Traffic was redirected until the Massachusetts Highway Department arrived to clear the tree from the road.

4:03 PM: The outdoor dining tent at the C Salt Wine Bar & Grille blew into the power lines, creating a significant safety hazard. Davis Straits was temporarily closed. Eversource arrived to cut the power and the tent was removed.

4:28 PM: Two cars crashed into a tree, which had fallen across Sandwich Road. No one was injured. Two-way traffic continued on Sandwich Road under police direction. The Falmouth Department of Public Works removed the tree from the roadway.

4:42 PM: A tree fell, blocking Waquoit Highway. The Massachusetts Highway Department responded and cleared the tree from the road.

7:51 PM: Two cars became disabled when they drove into a deep puddle on Shore Street. Both cars required a tow. The DPW barricades blocking the puddles had been blown down. Responding officers stood the barricades back up.

8:20 PM: Eversource requested police assistance with traffic control at the Thomas B. Landers Road underpass for Route 28. The wires there had fallen, causing a power outage in the area.

Sunday, December 6

12:12 AM: Police responded to Boxberry Hill Road near Goeletta Drive after a report of multiple gunshots. Responding officers found multiple shell casings in the roadway and confirmed the residence had been struck. Police found a hole in the window, likely caused by a bullet. No one was injured. The occupants of the home—a female sober residence—as well as neighbors, were interviewed. Police obtained a description of the suspect’s vehicle and distributed the information to area agencies. A Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office crime scene technician processed the scene.

4:17 PM: Police responded to a two-car, rear-end crash at the East Falmouth Highway and Seacoast Shores intersection. There were children in both vehicles. One child was treated by responding firefighters for a bloody nose. Both cars required a tow. One driver was cited for following too closely. The driver was given field sobriety tests, which he passed.

7:58 PM: Officers assisted with traffic control on Shore Street as firefighters tended to a structure fire.

9:19 PM: Police responded to Falmouth Hospital, where a drunk and disorderly patient was causing a disturbance. Although medically cleared, he was “extremely drunk” and placed into protective custody, police said.

Monday, December 7

1:48 PM: A caller reported that a relative was driving while intoxicated. Police located the car, and the driver failed field sobriety tests. Officers arrested Fallon Antone, 36, of East Falmouth for operating under the influence of liquor, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, operating with a revoked registration and driving an uninsured motor vehicle. The car was towed from the scene.

8:45 PM: A staff member at the Palmer Avenue House reported one of the residents had left earlier in the day and had not returned. Officers responded to the residence to gather information regarding the missing person. Acquaintances of the missing man were contacted; they reported they had not seen or heard from the man in some time. Officers checked Main Street and Davis Straits, as a detail officer had observed the man in that area earlier in the day. Police were not able to find him. A broadcast was issued to southeastern Massachusetts police departments to check his welfare.

Tuesday, December 8

6:26 AM: A truck struck a utility pole on Thomas B. Landers Road, bringing wires down and blocking the road. There were no injuries. The road was closed between Technology Park Drive and Research Road, allowing Eversource to respond. The snow-covered road was a contributing factor in the crash, police said.

6:47 AM: A car crashed into a street sign at the intersection of Maravista Avenue and Randolph Street. There were no injuries. A tire on the car was replaced. No tow was required.

7:16 AM: Police responded to a three-car crash at Route 151 and Sandwich Road. There were no injuries reported. One car required a tow.

8:54 PM: An employee at the Teaticket Market reported that a customer became belligerent when staff refused to sell him alcohol. Officers responded and found an intoxicated man with an outstanding warrant out of Falmouth District Court in the area. Police arrested Andrew Darby, 31, of Teaticket on the warrant.

Wednesday, December 9

10:04 AM: Police responded to 681 Thomas B. Landers Road after a report of low-hanging wires. Responding officers found the wires hanging across the roadway, posing a serious traffic hazard. Traffic was rerouted until Eversource and Verizon responded to secure the wires. The DPW also responded to assist with the detour. Police believe a large truck pulled the wires down without noticing.

10:55 AM: Officers responded to Bay Shore Drive after a report of low-hanging wires. Police secured the area until Eversource could respond to remove the wires from the road.

10:58 AM: Police responded to the intersection of Worcester and Nantucket avenues, where a truck pulled down the low-hanging wires. Responding officers secured the area until Eversource responded to remove the wires from the roadway.

11:04 AM: Police responded to Wishing Moon Hill near West Falmouth Highway to assist the water department with a water main break. Police rerouted traffic so the necessary repairs could be made. The Massachusetts State Police responded to assist.

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