Friday, November 5

10:34 AM: A woman from a Woods Hole sober house was reported to be overdosing and combative. Staff administered Narcan and confiscated drugs. Police placed the woman in protective custody and she was transported to the hospital.

10:50 AM: A caller from Quest Diagnostics called to report a woman was being disorderly and causing a scene, and was afraid things would turn physical. An off-duty officer responded. The woman was leaving upon his arrival.

12:57 PM: Falmouth District Court called to report a woman in their custody was overdosing and personnel there had administered five doses of Narcan. She was transported via ambulance to the hospital.

7:15 PM: Police responded to a two-car crash in front of the Admiralty Inn. One driver sustained apparent non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital. One of the drivers was cited for failing to yield the right of way.

8:48 PM: Officers responded to the Gosnold Treatment Center for a man threatening to kill people. The responding officers found him to be suffering from mental health issues and determined that he was a danger to others. He was transported to the emergency room by cruiser and committed.

Saturday, November 6

10:49 AM: While investigating a smoke alarm in a home, the fire department saw firearms on the kitchen table. Police officers arrived and found the firearms on the table, not secured and locked per statute, and was informed the front door was not locked upon the fire department’s arrival. The items were confiscated once the owner arrived back to his house, and charges may be pending.

1:18 PM: An officer was dispatched to a house for an unsecured shed that was forced open, but nothing was taken. The garage was also entered, but nothing was taken from there either.

5:43 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Thatcher’s Lane home for a pit bull that was attacking people. Two woman sustained serious but apparent non-life-threatening injuries. Upon arrival, the dog was loose in the yard and ran at officers who had to retreat into and onto their cruisers to avoid being attacked. Officers obtained less lethal and lethal weapons and created a safe avenue for the fire department to reach the patients. The house also contained young children who were terrified and screaming for help. A canine officer was able to keep the dog at bay and, after about 45 minutes, he was able to get two leashes on him. The dog was eventually placed in a cruiser and secured at the animal control facility.

7:05 PM: Officers found a man intoxicated at Garrett’s Family Market on Palmer Avenue. He was placed in protective custody (drugs) and transported to the emergency room. Police found a large amount of fentanyl on him.

Sunday, November 7

12:35 AM: A McDonald’s customer exposed his genitals to a McDonald’s employee working the drive-thru window. Police arrested the man, Brendon L. Ervin, 27, of Teaticket, and he was charged with open and gross lewdness, disorderly conduct and possession of a Class B drug. Bail was set at $1,000.

12:48 AM: Police arrested Madeleine Cross, 19, of East Falmouth for OUI-liquor. She refused the breath test. Officers had responded to a single-vehicle crash on Sandwich Road, in which her car was on top of an electrical box. Witnesses that had been traveling on Sandwich Road observed the Nissan traveling on Brick Kiln Road, then fail to negotiate a right-hand turn onto Sandwich Road.

Monday, November 8

8:24 PM: A resident of John Parker Road called to report a man was standing in his driveway and appeared to be under the influence. Officers determined he was under the influence of drugs and placed him in protective custody. He was transported by to the emergency room.

Tuesday, November 9

1:06 PM: were dispatched to the Gosnold Grove Apartments on East Falmouth for the report of an overdose. As a result, a man was transported to the emergency room.

2:59 PM: Officers responded to Falmouth Hospital and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension. The patient/subject was subsequently transported to the Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

4:28 PM: A resident of Pilot Way reported that his vehicle had been stolen.

7:02 PM: Police sought help from Bay Cove services after a resident of Fresh Pond Road home contacted dispatch to report that someone was poisoning her in her home. The woman was transported to the emergency room for an evaluation and treatment.

7:54 PM: A delivery van drove down an unmarked road and got stuck in deep sand off of Reuanna Road. The truck was towed, and the driver refused at first to identify himself. He ultimately complied.

8:52 PM: Officers responded to the Falmouth Plaza for an intoxicated man. He was left in the custody of his girlfriend.

Wednesday, November 10

5:10 AM: Officers responded to the area of Scranton Avenue after receiving a report from a clerk at the 7-Eleven that a man became disorderly in the store, then threw items at her before spitting on her. Officers found the man, Steven R. Ware, 30, of East Falmouth. He became disorderly at the scene, and officers took him into custody. While they were doing so, he spat on an officer. Police charged him with assault and battery, assault and battery on a police officer, and disturbing the peace.

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