Friday, January 31, 2020

9:44 AM: A man was transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation after officers responded to a group home on Palmer Avenue for a disturbance.

9:54 AM: Police responded to a tractor-trailer crash on Queen Street. The driver struck a fire hydrant while trying to navigate road construction. Police closed the road briefly and re-routed traffic.

11:53 PM: Police transported a person who required a mental health evaluation.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

7:47 AM: Police responded to a single car crash on Red Brook Road. The driver lost control on black ice and the car slid off the road, through a wood guardrail and into a marsh. There were no injuries reported and the car was towed from the scene.

11:30 PM: Police responded to a one-car crash at the intersection of Thomas B. Landers Road and Geggatt Road. The driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree. The fire department transported the driver and passenger to the hospital.

4:24 PM: Police arrested Nicholas S. Gonsalves, 22, of Cedar Street in East Falmouth for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after responding to calls of a fight at the Walmart parking lot. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer observed a group of people standing in the lot and a man yelling at a woman. The officer instructed Mr. Gonsalves to calm down, however, he continued to act in a tumultuous manner and tried to resist arrest.

Witnesses later reported that Mr. Gonsalves had been in a fight with a man who had fled the scene prior to the officers’ arrival. Mr. Gonsalves was allegedly struck by the fleeing vehicle. Video of the incident was obtained from Walmart, and the identity of the second male subject remains under investigation.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

8:44 AM: Police responded to a Seacoast Shores home to of a disturbance by a woman who was beging held down by family members because of her violent behavior. Officers learned that she suffers from mental health issues and was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Monday, February 3, 2020

12:10 AM: Police took into custody Robert Allen Green Jr., 40, Scranton Avenue, Falmouth following an investigation of two separate disturbances and an assault. Officers found him at his girlfriend’s home and took him into custody. While attempting to place Mr. Green under arrest, his girlfriend attempted to prevent the arrest and physically interfered with the officers on scene, police said. Police are seeking a warrant for her arrest.

2:12 PM: A man was arrested for trespassing at the Falmouth Plaza. The officer found a large amount of marijuana in his possession. Addition charges were sought. Bail was set at $2,040.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

3:15 PM: Officers responded to a report of a car crash and found the driver unconscious and turning blue. The officer smashed a window and administered Narcan and first aid. The 32-year old male driver was charged with OUI drugs, and an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension will be sought.

4:51 PM: Police responded to a multi-vehicle crash on Geggatt Road. One of the cars was towed and a woman was cited for failing to yield right of way.

11:23 PM: While following up on an investigation at a Teaticket Highway apartment building, an officer witnessed an argument in the parking lot when one person was trying to stop an intoxicated person from driving. When police escorted her to her apartment, they found a newborn baby inside. The child was not harmed, however the mother agreed that the child could stay at a relative’s house for the night. DCF was notified.

10:26 PM: Police and fire responded to an East Falmouth residence where a 13-year-old was huffing gasoline. The child was medically cleared. DCF was notified.

2:46 PM: Police dispatched to a report of a disabled water delivery truck on Sippewissett Road. Upon arrival it was discovered the truck driver misjudged the degree of decline of the customer’s driveway and the truck’s driveshaft became lodged in the pavement. The truck was blocking the majority of Sippewissett Road and it was closed for three hours until a tow truck could move it.

5:34 PM: A homeowner reported that someone had entered her home, took her checkbook, and then took her car. The car was later recovered in Lakeville after the suspect engaged state troopers in a motor vehicle pursuit. Alex Cave, 32, of Waquoit was arrested by the state police and transported to Rhode Island Hospital for injuries he sustained during the pursuit. He remains there in custody. In addition to traffic offenses, Mr. Cave will be charged with motor vehicle theft, possession of heroin, breaking and entering, and other related charges, police said.

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