Thursday, November 5

7:15 AM: Russell C. Pena, 42, of Falmouth was arrested for a parole violation.

2:04 PM: Police and fire personnel responded to a crash in the Walmart parking lot involving a car that struck a tree. There were no injuries.

8:59 PM: Fire and police personnel reported to Old Dock Road for a man lying on the edge of the road. Police surmised that he was riding his bike while drunk and fell off. He was transported to the emergency room.

Friday, November 6

2:31 PM: Officers responded to the intersection of Route 28 and John Parker Road regarding a four-car crash. Three people were transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Three cars were towed from the scene.

4:21 PM: A Teaticket Cumberland Farms employee reported that a man was threatening her with a knife. The male suspect, who is known to police, fled into the woods prior to their arrival. It was determined that a knife was never shown. Police did not find the man but he will be charged with threatening to commit a crime and disorderly conduct.

5:06 PM: A man overdosed at his Sam Turner Road home. CPR was in progress, and naloxone had been administered prior to the officer’s arrival. The man was transported to the emergency room by fire department medics for further treatment.

7:11 PM: Two vehicles collided at the Sandwich Road and Brick Kiln Road intersection. Both sustained heavy damage and had to be towed. No one was injured. One of the drivers was cited for failing to yield on a left turn.

7:18 PM: At about the time of the aforementioned crash, a second crash was reported at the intersection. The offending driver was injured and drunk. She was transported to the emergency room by medics. The woman was issued a criminal traffic citation for OUI-liquor, negligent operation and following too closely.

8:04 PM: A woman overdosed at her Heather Lane home. One of the residents administered naloxone before police arrived. She was transported to the emergency room.

Saturday, November 7

12:09 AM: An off-duty police officer driving home from work encountered an intoxicated woman stumbling in the roadway in front of the Admiralty Inn and stopped to assist. On duty officers responded and attempted to place the woman into protective custody but she resisted and kicked one of the officers. Nicole Skeffington, 39, of Teaticket was arrested for assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and protective custody.

5:04 AM: An employee from Kenyon’s Market reported arriving at work and observing an unresponsive man lying face down in the parking lot next to a parked running truck. Upon arrival, an officer began CPR, and naloxone was administered as a precaution. Fire department medics arrived and transported the man to Falmouth Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Video surveillance showed that he had what is believed to be a medical incident. It is under investigation.

9:18 PM: Police took into custody and booked Julie Lumbert, 48, of Falmouth on an outstanding arrest warrant for motor vehicle offenses.

Sunday, November 8

9:46 AM: Officers responded to the area of Maravista Avenue and Nickerson Street in regard to a hit-and-run motor vehicle crash. While officers were investigating the crash, the owner of one of the vehicles involved called to report his vehicle stolen. During the course of the investigation, officers were able to determine that the vehicle driven from the scene was operated by the owner’s girlfriend. Charges are being sought.

7:29 AM: Multiple callers reported a man running through yards at around 7 AM and who then was entering vehicles. Officers located him inside a vehicle and determined that he was suffering from mental illness and possibly under the influence of prescription drugs. He was transported to Falmouth Hospital.

9:22 PM: A 911 caller reported that she came upon several people fighting on the side of the road in the area of Lawrence-Lynch Corporation on Gifford Street. Officers arrived on the scene quickly and diffused the situation. Police learned that one of the men was intoxicated and the other man and woman were attempting to drive him home when he became belligerent. Clyde Perry, 24, of Georgia continued to be argumentative with officers and was subsequently taken into custody for disorderly conduct and placed in protective custody. He was held on cash bail.

Monday, November 9

2:16 PM: Officers responded to Water Street for a report of an unresponsive man. Upon arrival, officers determined that he was suffering from an overdose. Fire department medics responded and transported him to the hospital.

8:35 PM: A 911 caller reported that the caller’s roommate was unconscious, due to an apparent overdose. Officers arrived and administered naloxone to the victim. Fire department medics arrived shortly thereafter and administered additional naloxone. The victim regained consciousness and was transported to the emergency room.

11:30 AM: Officers responded to the area of Main and Gifford streets for the report of an erratically operated motor vehicle. An officer was able to signal the car to stop using the air horn; however the vehicle then rolled into the patrol car. The 81-year-old driver appeared to be suffering from a medical condition. Since the doors were locked, the officer was forced to break a window to gain entry. Medics arrived at about the same time and began medical care. She was later transported to the emergency room to be evaluated.

Tuesday, November 10

3:57 PM: Officers responded to Falmouth Hospital and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension (Sec. 35). The person was transported to Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

6:19 PM: Police responded to a hit-and-run crash at Davis Square. The vehicle returned to the scene, and one of the occupants attempted to interfere with the investigation and intimidate witnesses. As a result, James Eldredge, 36, of East Falmouth was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. The operator, Julie Labelle, 62, of East Falmouth was issued a criminal traffic citation for operating to endanger, leaving the scene of a crash, having an open container (alcohol) and license not in possession.

Wednesday, November 11

9:58 AM: Officers responded to a group home on Palmer Avenue and took a person into custody for the purpose of an involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a doctor. The person was transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental evaluation and treatment.

10:52 AM: Officers responded to a group home on Millfield Street and took a person into custody for involuntary committal for mental illness issued by a doctor. The person was transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental evaluation and treatment.

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