Friday, September 3

3:36 PM: Police responded to a crash on Main Street when a rental box truck sideswiped a vehicle. The owner of the car thought the driver of the truck fled the scene, but in fact he had pulled over and called police to report the incident. There were no injuries.

8:48 PM: Police arrested Aaron J. Goldman, 42, of Somerville after he was yelling at staff at the Falmouth Raw Bar and acting disorderly. He resisted arrest. Police placed him in protective custody for alcohol. Police say he caused disturbances at several establishments over the weekend and believe he may have PTSD.

10:58 PM: Police responded to a car vs. tree accident on Carriage Shop Road. The driver fled before officers arrived.

Saturday, September 4

8:44 AM: An owner of an automobile repair shop on East Falmouth Highway called police concerned one of the employees was stealing from the shop. It is under investigation.

10:37 AM: Police responded to a home on Fordham Road for a fatal drug overdose. The victim was dead before police arrived. The drug is believed to be Fentanyl.

5:58 PM: Police issue a citation to a motorcycle driver who was driving erratically and without license plate on Menauhant Road. Police could not safely pursue the motorcycle, but were able to identify the driver.

8:41 PM: Police will be charging a driver who fled the scene of an accident on Ashumet Road. The other driver suffered minor injuries.

Sunday, September 5

1:09 AM: Officers arrested Robert Henseler, 33, of Morristown, New Jersey, after he drove to a home on Swing Land and challenged a person to a fight. He was charged with drunken driving, number plate violation to conceal identification, assault and battery on a police officer and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

5:06 AM: Police arrested Mandred Tyler Henry, 31, of Ciroc Circle on an arrest warrant after he passed out from intoxication on a sidewalk near Tedeschi Food Shops on East Falmouth Highway. He was placed in protective custody for alcohol.

3:08 PM: James M. Peters, 40, of Maravista Avenue was arrested on a service warrant after he was involved in a rear-end car collision on Jones Road.

7:33 PM: Police arrested Kyle M. Chipoli, 31, of Lantern Lane and charged him with possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle while he was parked in the Teaticket Cumberland Farms. He was placed in protective custody.

10:41 PM: Police placed 29-year-old Mychal George Carter of North Falmouth Highway into protective custody after he crashed a scooter in the Surf Drive Beach parking lot.

10:44 PM: Police arrested Maureen Pires, 49, of North Falmouth Highway on an arrest service warrant and also placed her in protective custody for alcohol. They also placed Keith Warren Pina, 61, of North Falmouth Highway in protective custody. A resident had called police to say the two were trespassing in her driveway.

Monday, September 6

7:09 PM: Thomas K. Winner, 64, of Highmeadow Circle in Bourne was placed in protective custody for alcohol after he refused to leave the Town and Beach Motel on Main Street. Police caught him as he tried to flee on foot.

8:05 PM: Police responded to a hit-and-run crash on Pine Ridge Road. Officers were unable to find the vehicle that fled. It was a minor crash with no injuries.

Tuesday, September 7

12:12 AM: A mother reported her daughter missing. After an extensive search and calling Mashpee and Bourne police for help, police found the girl at the Ashument Pond boat ramp.

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