Wednesday, April 29

8:08 AM: Officers responded to a home on Boxberry Hill Road to check the welfare of a woman. It was reported by family members that the woman had made statements of wanting to harm herself. Upon arrival officers made contact with her. After a brief conversation they were able to convince her to voluntarily go to the hospital to be evaluated.

5:41 PM: Police arrested Justin R. Beckwith, 26, Teaticket Highway, on a warrant.

6:03 PM: A woman left suicidal messages on a detective’s phone. She was located and transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation. Later the subject fled from her hospital room and was picked up by a friend. Officers located her again at a residence and returned her to Falmouth Hospital.

Thursday, April 30

7:37 AM: A woman was arrested at her home on Brick Kiln Road on two outstanding warrants for violating probation. Once in custody Alexis Robbins, 21, was transported to the police station for processing.

6:42 PM: A caller reported a man passed out in a car in the Staples parking lot. Officers responded and located the man. While interacting with him, officers determined that he was not in a condition to drive. A small quantity of prescription medication was also located on the man. He did not have a prescription for the medication, and will be summoned for possession.

10:19 PM: The fire department requested officers respond to a Sandwich Road address where they were treating an unresponsive 75- year-old woman. Despite the medics’ efforts the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Falmouth Police, Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Cape & Islands District Office, and the Office of the Medical Examiner are investigating the incident. At this time the death does not appear suspicious.

Friday, May 1

5:57 PM: A caller reported a possible medical emergency involving a person in a car in a parking lot. Both fire and police personnel were dispatched to the scene. When officers arrived they located a woman in a car experiencing a possible overdose. She was treated at the scene by medics, then transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Saturday, May 2

11:49 AM: Officers were called to check the welfare of a person unconscious in a parked car. Upon arrival officers determined the 24-year-old woman was intoxicated. Her driver’s license was suspended, so her car’s registration plates were seized. A relative picked her up and the car was towed.

2:33 PM: A 24-year-old woman, Ciara Jackson, 24, Barrows Road, walked into the lobby and requested her car’s registration plates that had been seized by officers earlier in the day. She was denied their return; she became upset and left the lobby. While outside in front of the police station she pulled a floodlight from the ground and threw a brick at a police officer. As a result she was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, assault by means of a dangerous weapon, a brick, and malicious destruction. An additional charge of malicious destruction was added when she tore the blinds out of a window during the booking process.

6:52 PM: A woman at a group home attempted to kill herself with a knife. Officers arrived and requested the fire department. She was involuntarily committed and was transported to the emergency room.

Sunday, May 3

1:24 PM: An officer responded to a complaint of illegally parked cars at Megansett Beach and found that the gate chains had been cut. The cars were removed. The incident is under investigation.

1:45 PM: Stop & Shop employees called and reported a person on who appeared to be on drugs and was causing a disturbance. Officers arrived, identified the subject and determined that she had been issued a no-trespass order in the past. The 25-year-old woman was escorted out of the store and her aunt picked her up. She will be summoned to court for trespassing.

7:06 PM: Emergency room personnel reported that an intoxicated woman had left Falmouth Hospital against their guidance. They were concerned that she was returning to her car. Police transported her to the police department lobby, where she stayed until she was sober. She was then transported to Gosnold Treatment Center.

7:42 PM: Officers responded to a Shorewood area home for a report of a stolen car. The family reported that a relative had taken the family’s car without permission. Police found the car and stopped it on Sandwich Road. During the stop police determined the man was in need of mental health treatment. He was transported to the hospital.

8:39 PM: Police responded to a caller who was concerned about a neighbor. Police checked on the woman at her home and found she was in need of medical attention. She was taken to the hospital.

9:41 PM: Dispatch put out a bulletin for an SUV containing a caller’s daughter whom he believed was in imminent danger. Police identified a suspect and two officers went to a home on Palmer Avenue. The male suspect was not home, but his girlfriend was there. It was determined that he was with another girlfriend. The missing woman was located and found to be drunk. The suspect was eventually located. The matter remains under investigation and some form of charges may still be pending. However, there is no evidence that the female was kidnapped.

Monday, May 4

6:42 AM: Police arrested Marcus A. Medina, 26, Muriel Lane, for two outstanding arrest warrants while investigating a disturbance on Scranton Avenue.

8:07 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Teaticket Cumberland Farms for a man trespassing. He is well known to the police and there are active trespass notices for him at that convenience store. He was located walking in the area and will be summoned to court for trespassing.

8:21 PM: Officers responded to a Teaticket home for a man who made recent threats by phone to kill himself. He was involuntarily committed for mental health and transported to the emergency room for an evaluation.

10:14 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Teaticket home for an intoxicated man who had called 911 to report that his internet was out. He could barely stand or speak, and defecated all over the house while he was attempting to speak with officers. He refused to go to the hospital. After at least 15 minutes he was convinced that going by ambulance was better than be physically removed and transported by cruiser. He was placed in protective custody and transported to the emergency room.

Wednesday, May 6

1:20 PM: Fire and police were dispatched to a possible overdose on Highfield Drive. Officers found Joaquim Martin Jr., 39, of Hyannis, uncooperative and intoxicated. He was placed in protective custody and transported to the police station.

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