Thursday, August 29

2:16 PM: Falmouth Police responded to Alexander Booker Road following a report of an intoxicated woman attempting to get into a car. Police determined she had an outstanding warrant and arrested Jennifer R. Cass, 47, of Mashpee.

3:44 PM: Falmouth Taxi called and reported they had just dropped a woman off at her Locust Street residence. They were concerned about her due to her drunkenness. Police responded, finding her to be intoxicated and a danger to herself. She was placed into protective custody.

5:25 PM: A caller reported an unresponsive man was on the ground in front of a convenience store on Davis Straits. The 31-year-old regained consciousness on his own, and was transported to the emergency room by the fire department.

5:48 PM: A caller reported a woman stumbling down the middle of the East Falmouth Highway. Officers located her and determined she was having an issue with her medication. She was transported to the emergency room.

6:28 PM: Police responded to a two-car crash in Falmouth Heights. Both cars were towed. One driver was cited for a marked lanes violation. One driver was transported to the emergency room for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

7:47 PM: A caller reported hearing a loud crash near Hatchville Road. Officers responded, locating a car with front end damage, deployed air bags and blood on the seat, as well as a fluid trail leaving the scene. The car had crashed into a stone wall. It was later reported that the male driver was uninjured. The driver, who didn’t return, was cited for leaving the scene and a marked lanes violation.

8:14 PM: A caller reported a woman had overdosed in a vehicle at the Falmouth Mall and was not responding to Narcan. She was conscious upon police arrival. She was transported to the emergency room by the fire department.

9:05 PM: Multiple callers reported a barefoot woman stumbling down Main Street with her pants unsecured. Police located her on Scranton Avenue and found her to be intoxicated. She made statements about wanting to join her deceased mother. She was transported to the emergency room.

Friday, August 30

12:14 AM: A man was causing a disturbance on Katharine Lee Bates Road. Police responded and arrested David W. Martin Jr., 33, of Falmouth on an outstanding warrant.

12:26 PM: A caller reported a driver was slumped over the wheel of his car. Officers responded and discovered the man was awake and holding drug paraphernalia. Police found hundreds of different non-prescribed pills in the car. Police arrested Adam R. Devoe, 34, of Mashpee, for possession to distribute Class B, C and E drugs.

8:42 PM: A caller reported a boat crash at the mouth of Waquoit Harbor, with people struggling in the water. The crash involved two boats and a jetty. The boats involved were en route to Little Harbor Boat Yard in Mashpee. One person was transported to the emergency room by the Mashpee Fire Department with non-life threatening injuries.

9:26 PM: Officers responded to a report of a man and woman smoking marijuana as they drove through Falmouth earlier in the day. Reports indicated there was a young child in the vehicle and all the windows were up. An investigation confirmed the initial report. A report of child abuse or neglect was filed with the Department of Children and Families. Child endangerment charges are pending.

9:45 PM: Officers responded to Wal-Mart following a report of two men using drugs in the bathroom. They fled prior to arrival, but an investigation determined both parties had previously received an order of no trespass from the store. Criminal charges are pending.

11:10 PM: Police responded to a crash at the intersection of Routes 151 and 28. A witness observed the offending car flee the scene. He followed and was able to get the driver to pull over. Responding officers were told she requested medical treatment. The fire department transported her to the emergency room. Police determined she was drunk. She will be issued a criminal citation for operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of property damage and related offenses.

11:22 PM: Officers responded to a Main Street restaurant, where a woman was yelling at customers. Police determined she was intoxicated and transported her to an East Falmouth residence.

Saturday, August 31

1:04 AM: A caller from Southview Way reported three to four people were throwing rocks at his front door. Police responded, observing the vandalism and damage caused by the rocks. Police also found two cars and mailbox vandalized in the area of Luciana Bothelo Way. A crime scene technician responded to take pictures. Police conducted a K9 track, with no findings.

10:02 AM: Police responded to a car crash on Water Street. No serious injuries were reported.

11:38 AM: Police responded to a car crash on East Falmouth Highway. No serious injuries were reported.

1:23 PM: Police responded to multiple parking complaints made at Chapoquoit Beach.

2:43 PM: Police responded to parking complaints made at County Road. Multiple parking tickets were issued.

2:44 PM: Police responded to parking complaints along Teaticket Highway.

3:05 PM: Police responded to a car crash on Grand Avenue. No serious injuries were reported.

6:35 PM: A 17-year-old teenager made threats on social media to kill himself. Officers located him at his residence and confirmed he was suicidal. He was transported to the emergency room for treatment. Officers contacted his parents, who returned home and then followed the police cruiser to the emergency room.

7:29 PM: A caller reported hearing a relative was driving drunk on Brick Kiln Road. Officers located the car at a Braeside Road residence. The suspected driver was found in the house, intoxicated. However, her boyfriend stated he drove her home. The woman yelled obscenities and nonsensical information at police through an open window and had to be told to be quiet. She was left in the care of her boyfriend.

Sunday, September 1

1:23 AM: An officer came upon a disturbance at the Boat House and observed a second disturbance beginning to erupt. Additional officers responded to assist. Police determined an assault and battery had occurred on Scranton Avenue, with a man bleeding from his head. The other man involved had fled prior to police arrival. The man was transported to the hospital via ambulance. The second disturbance, an argument escalating toward a fight, was quelled. The involved parties left the area.

2:25 AM: A caller reported a loud group at a Pine Rock Road residence. Police responded and found the homeowner drinking around a fire with a group of friends. She agreed to take it inside and quiet down for the evening. Police needed to respond to the house a second time, for the same problem. The homeowner stated she did not want to go inside, and was advised she would be arrested if police had to return a third time on this matter. On their third visit to the residence, police arrested Nadalee M. Angelos, 45, of Pine Rock Road, Falmouth, for disturbing the peace.

1:01 PM: Officers responded to a Main Street following a report of an unconscious man on the ground. The victim was conscious, but appeared to be suffering from a drug overdose. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The matter remains under investigation.

3:23 PM: Officers responded to Sandwich Road to attempt to locate a woman who activated her medical alert alarm. Upon arrival, police located an elderly woman on the ground outside of her residence. She had fallen and was unable to get back up. She was transported to the hospital via ambulance.

9:30 PM: The mother of a 15-year-old reported him missing. Police conducted an extensive search, using an infrared camera and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office K9 unit. A post was placed on Facebook requesting assistance in locating him. He was later located, safe.

10:11 PM: Officers responded to the area of Old Barnstable Road and Hayway Road following a report of a man digging with his hands on the side of the road. Other callers reported a man lying in the road way. Officers responded and located the spot where he was digging, finding dirt, grass and debris strewn about. An extensive search was conducted using an infrared camera and the K9 unit was conducted, with negative results.

Monday, September 2

1:10 AM: A caller reported a car following her on Teaticket Highway, tailgating her and honking her horn. Officers located the car, which did not have its headlights on, and conducted a traffic stop. During the stop, police determined the driver was intoxicated and operating outside her license restriction, which stated she could only drive related to her employment. She was following the other car because she believed her boyfriend was a passenger. The female driver was the sole occupant of the other car. Police arrested Cassie J. Oliveira, 41, of Davisville Road, East Falmouth, for operating under the influence of liquor (second offense), negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operation of a motor vehicle in violation of a license restriction.

10:37 AM: Police arrested Thomas R. Smith, 57, of Teaticket Highway, Falmouth on an outstanding warrant.

4:36 PM: A mother came to the lobby to report her 13-year-old daughter had run away from home. She left the residence on her bicycle, telling her mother she was going to the Teaticket School playground. The mother was unable to find her at the playground, then drove to the police station to report her missing. Officers were checking the area when the mother reported her daughter had returned home.

7:11 PM: A 911 caller reported a relative was threatening suicide. Police located the man and determined he needed a mental health evaluation. He was transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, September 4

9:21 AM: Following a traffic stop on Teaticket Highway, police arrested Dos Santos, 47, of Main Street, Hyannis, for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to stop or yield.

12:47 PM: Police took a woman into custody on a Section 35 warrant of apprehension, an involuntary committal for drugs or alcohol. She was transported to Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

6:12 PM: A Fire Department ambulance crew reported a motor vehicle crash in the area of Mill Pond, between the East Falmouth Library and St. Anthony’s Church. The crash involved a truck and utility pole, and reports indicated that the power line may have been damaged. Upon arrival, police found the truck had come to rest on top of the guardrail. The pole was damaged. Eversource responded. The East Falmouth Highway was closed to traffic until the power line could be secured. The Department of Public Works responded, assisting with detour signage. The truck was towed from the scene. The driver did not report any injuries.

Wednesday, September 4

8:55 AM: A woman was taken into custody on a Section 12 warrant at her Boxberry Hill Road residence. A family member had contacted police, requesting a welfare check. The woman was transported to Falmouth Hospital for an evaluation.

9:27 PM: A caller reported that she was attempting to take her friend to the emergency room, but she fled on foot toward Bramblebush Drive. The woman was reportedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Upon arrival, officers were advised she had returned to the area outside the emergency room. In talking with the woman and her friend, they learned she had threatened to cut her wrists and kill herself. She was escorted into the emergency room and held for a mental health evaluation. While completing the committal paperwork, a male patient became combative with staff. Officers assisted hospital security and emergency room staff until the man was sedated.

10:43 PM: A 911 caller reported a man had overdosed in Fortaleza Drive residence. The fire department transported the man to the emergency room for treatment.

11:37 PM: A woman texted a relative stating she was being held against her will by one or two men. Officers found the woman at her home with her boyfriend, and determined she was not being held against her will. However, she was intoxicated. Given the circumstances, she was taken into protective custody. During an inventory of her purse, police found a bottle of Ativan prescribed to another woman. The bottle contained crushed pills. She will be summoned for possession of a Class E drug. Once sober, she was released into the care and custody of her boyfriend.

11:46 PM: An man and woman reported they were the victims of a robbery, knife assault and assault and battery at a Teaticket Highway sober house. Following an investigation, police arrested Christopher M. Geno, 33, of Teaticket Highway, Famouth for two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and Suzanne M. Henderson, 38, of Teaticket Highway, Falmouth, on three arrest warrants, furnishing false identification to law enforcement, possession of a Class E drug and two counts of larceny under $1,200. Two knives connected to the crime were seized as evidence. A third man who resides in sober house fled the scene prior to police arrival. He will be charged with larceny and assault and battery.

Thursday, September 5

12:06 AM: Three people were reportedly climbing the WCIB radio antenna tower and were approximately 200 feet up. Officers located a utility truck and the base of the tower. The people climbing the tower were a maintenance crew.

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