Thursday, August 27

10:42 AM: Officers responded to the Falmouth District Court to assist the court officers with a Section 35 (Involuntary Committal for Drugs/Alcohol). It was reported that a man was refusing to exit his vehicle and go inside the courthouse to get evaluated. Upon arrival, officers had a brief conversation with the subject and were able to convince him to go into the court.

10:03 PM: An officer observed an individual known to to police cycling on Main Street. Dispatch advised he had a felony default warrant for breaking and entering. Police placed James Manuel Antone, 51, (homeless), under arrest.

Friday, August 28

1:37 PM: Officers responded to a residence on Palmer Avenue to assist the fire department with a man who was making suicidal statements. Upon arrival, the man indicated that he wanted to go to the hospital to be evaluated due to his suicidal thoughts. Police transported him to the hospital.

7:37 PM: A homeowner in the Black Beach area reported to a detail officer that she arrived at her residence and discovered two unknown men were inside. The two men had fled before officers arrived. Nothing appeared to have been taken from the residence, and it is believed that the couple entered the house to engage in a romantic interlude. The incident remains under investigation.

Saturday, August 29

12:57 AM: A 911 caller briefly spoke to a dispatcher and then was disconnected. The 911 system plotted the caller in the 200 block of West Falmouth Highway. The officers checked the area and caller’s home; however, she was not located. She was eventually located at her parent’s home in Great Harbors. It was clear she was intoxicated. She said she was okay and remarked “What do I look, stupid? I know my rights and I don’t have to speak about that.”

10:49 AM: Officers responded to a Salt Hay Road home where an undetermined amount of jewelry and gold coins had been stolen. A Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office crime scene technician was requested to process the scene. The incident remains under investigation.

7:04 PM: A caller reported that a man in an older model GMC pickup truck on Abbies Lane had approached their young son. After they conversed, the suspicious man briefly followed the youth. A person of interest has been identified and it is under investigation.

7:21 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Shining Sea Bikeway at Winslow Road for a hit and run bicycle crash. Officers located a 16-year-old bicyclist with possible head injuries and abrasions. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet and admitted to failing to stop at the stop sign on the bikeway and striking a car travelling west. The vehicle returned to the scene. The cyclist was transported to Falmouth Hospital.

Sunday, August 30

8:19 AM: Officers responded to a housing complex on Gifford Street for a man walking around naked. It was determined to be a mental health episode. Fire Department medics treated and transported the 38-year-old to the hospital.

8:46 PM: The emergency room called about a man who was causing a disturbance that was disrupting the work in the emergency room. The doctor was frustrated because the disruption was keeping them to treat the injured and sick patients. The man was escorted out and transported to his mother’s residence.

Monday, August 31

4:40 AM: An officer checking Town Hall Square observed that a tree had fallen and was blocking access to the rear parking lot of the Town Hall. The DPW was notified to remove the tree.

1:11 PM: Officers responded to Davisville Road home for the report of a suicidal threat. The person was transported to the Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

6:51 PM: An officer reported an unregistered dirt bike riding on Falmouth Heights Road. He tried to stop it but it fled at an extremely high rate of speed. The dirt bike operator was riding on sidewalks and riding on one wheel. A person of interest has been identified and it is under investigation.

Tuesday, September 1

2:15 PM: Officers responded to a four-car crash adjacent the entrance to Soares Nursery on Sandwich Road. The rear-end crash sent two occupants to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and two cars were towed.

2:53 PM: Officers responded to the Falmouth Plaza for a person making suicidal statements. The officers found an intoxicated 24-year-old woman experiencing a mental health episode. As a result, she was transported to Falmouth Hospital for an evaluation.

3:53 PM: Officers were called to a residence on Edgewood Drive for a woman screaming and damaging property. The officers found she was experiencing a mental health episode. She was transported to the Falmouth Hospital for an evaluation.

4 PM: A South Carolina police department called to advise that they had a warrant for a man who may be in Falmouth. The warrant was for felony intimidation of a witness. He was considered armed and dangerous with violent tendencies. He was located at a residence in Teaticket and placed in custody.

6:47 PM: An officer stopped a vehicle on East Falmouth Highway with a stolen license plates affixed to it. The vehicle was unregistered and the operator was unlicensed. The vehicle was towed and the operator will be summoned to court for numerous criminal offenses.

Wednesday, September 2

3 AM: A caller reported discovering a family member who was unresponsive and attempted CPR while calling 911. Medics could not revive the man and he was pronounced dead in what is believed to be an overdose. At this time, the death does not appear suspicious.

Thursday, September 3

8:39 AM: Falmouth Hospital security called to report that they had located what appeared to be illegal drugs on a patient in the emergency room. Officers arrived and spoke with security officers who said the female patient appeared to be hiding something under her pillow and possibly in her bra while seeking treatment. A check of the room by medical staff revealed a baggie containing several prescription medications along with a second bag containing 11 grams of what appeared to be heroin. The drugs were seized by officers and the woman will be summonsed to court.

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