Thursday, January 14

5:18 PM: Officers responded to a rear-end crash on Teaticket Highway. There were no serious injuries. One of the vehicles was towed and one of the drivers was cited.

6:13 PM: Police responded to a rear-end car crash involving four vehicles on Teaticket Highway. There were no serious injuries. Two of the cars required tows and one of the drivers was cited.

11:12 AM: A social worker from the Falmouth Hospital emergency room called to request that police place an intoxicated man in protective custody while she worked on Section 35 paperwork. Officers responded and the man agreed to stay at the emergency room, but he later left on foot. The section 35 was issued by the court, and officers found the man and brought him to Falmouth District Court.

1:42 AM: Joshua Kole, 23, of Falmouth was taken into custody when police discovered he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. While conducting a building check at the Speedway Gas Station at the intersection of Sandwich Road and Route 151, an officer also checked the welfare of a man in a running car found in the parking lot. During the encounter an outstanding arrest warrant was discovered, and Mr. Kole was taken to the police station.

Friday, January 15

3:50 PM: A caller from Shore Street reported that his tenant was drunk and disorderly. When officers spoke with her, she made homicidal and suicidal statements. As a result, she was committed and transported to the emergency room.

6:17 PM: Falmouth police assisted Barnstable police in attempting to make an arrest for several charges of indecent assault and battery on young children. Police checked at two residences, but the man was not found. At one of the residences, a woman arrived and acted unhinged and disorderly. Police eventually cleared the scene without further incident.

6:54 PM: A woman who called the police station repeatedly will be summoned for disorderly conduct. She and her boyfriend both called repeatedly to say the other had violated the law. There were no illegal offenses committed. The calls became all-consuming for dispatch. An officer was able to eventually get both to leave each other and the police department alone for the night. The officer also called Bay Cove and they will be responding to speak with the woman who has some mental health issues.

Saturday, January 16

7:18 AM: Officers responded to the area of Curley Boulevard and Quaker Road regarding a single-car motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival officers learned that there were no injuries; however a pole was struck and broken. Officers closed a portion of the road until Eversource could respond.

8:20 PM: A caller reported that his wife had not come home from work at 1 PM. Police spoke with staff at the store who reported that she was acting a little off and had left her shift early with her friend. Police checked numerous locations, without success. Her husband called a couple of hours later and advised that he had made contact with her and that she was okay.

10:17 PM: Police issued Eryn Flanagan, 21, of East Falmouth a criminal traffic citation for drunken driving, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, open container and marked lanes. She crashed her car into trees on Nobska Road and was bleeding from a face wound. She was brought to the emergency room. Her car was heavily damaged.

Sunday, January 17

9:20 AM: An officer responded to the area of Pondview Drive for a cracked telephone pole. Upon arrival, officers confirmed that the pole was cracked halfway up. Eversource was contacted and responded. It was determined that there was no hazard of either the pole and/or wires falling; however arrangements were made to replace the pole.

8:03 PM: A caller reported that he tried to mail an item at the Main Street post office, but the box was jammed with a large box. He went to North Falmouth to mail the item and found that mailbox also jammed with a similar looking box. Officers checked all of the USPS locations in town and did not find anything suspicious. The postal inspector was contacted, and the information was relayed to their office.

9:53 PM: Police arrested Jacob Johnson, 24, of Pocasset and charged him with drunken driving, negligent operation, threatening to commit a crime and disorderly conduct. He was disruptive during the entire process. Officers were dispatched to the Falmouth Inn for a disorderly person who was intoxicated. Dispatch then relayed that the man, Mr. Johnson, left in his pickup, and an officer located him at the Teaticket Cumberland Farms. An investigation confirmed that he was intoxicated and had driven from the inn to the convenience store.

Monday, January 18

5:11 PM: Officers were dispatched to an address on Louise Lane. The caller reported coming home to a woman eating a pumpkin that was on her steps. Officers located the woman on John Parker Road and offered her assistance in going to the after-hours emergency lodging program through Duffy Health Center. However, upon calling it was discovered that she had been banned from it. When officers went to tell her, she had already left the station lobby.

9:43 PM: Police placed a man in protective custody after he called the station reporting he was drunk and had no money. When officers arrived, he stated that he no longer needed assistance. Officers determined that he was too intoxicated to be left on his own and attempted to transport him to his parent’s house; however no one was there, so they placed him in custody at the police station.

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