Thursday, January 28

10:07 PM: Officers responded to a report of an unknown man on the 911 caller’s property. Police found the man on Main Street and determined that he was 83 and confused. He thought he was in New Bedford, where he lives. Police called New Bedford Police Department. They learned he was not reported missing but he had been in the past. The man’s daughter picked him up.

Friday, January 29

5:06 PM: Officers were dispatched to Blacksmith Shop Road for a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, police found a drunken woman and two young children. There was no evidence of a disturbance, but the woman could not be left to care for the 4- and 6-year-old. The sister of the woman was called, and she took custody of all three. Police contacted the state Department of Children and Families.

5:27 PM: Police and fire personnel responded to a car crash on Route 28 near Braeside Road. There were minor injuries. Both cars required a tow, and traffic was disrupted for about a half-hour. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Saturday, January 30

1:44 AM: The Falmouth Inn reported two unwanted guests who were smoking and attempting to break into a room. An investigation determined that they were registered guests who had locked themselves out of their room. The manager did not want them staying due to violations of the hotel rules. Officers assisted the guests in removing their bags and property from the room and transported them to the Holiday Inn on Jones Road for lodging.

3:35 PM: Police and fire personnel were dispatched to a Wheelhouse Road sober house for the report of a fatal overdose. It is under investigation; however, the death does not appear suspicious.

6:20 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Rose Morin group home for the report of a woman who was disrupting the entire house. Responding officers spoke with the woman. She told police that she had severe abdominal pain and was feeling off mentally, due to a recent medication change. She was transported to the emergency room.

6:36 PM: Officers performed a welfare check at a Rose Morin apartment after a 911 caller said that his friend was not well. The responding officers concurred that the man needed medical assistance. He was brought to the hospital.

9:23 PM: Numerous officers responded to an Old Campus Drive home for a juvenile male threatening his family with a knife. The juvenile was located in his bedroom and was no longer armed. His parents were extremely drunk. The juvenile cooperated with the police and was transported to the emergency room. He was involuntary committed for mental illness. The department of children and families was notified and went to the home to investigate.

10:01 PM: Police arrested Timothy Brown Jr., 26, of Falmouth for possession of heroin and driving with a suspended license. Police stopped Mr. Brown for the driving offense and found the heroin after completing an inventory of the car.

Sunday, January 31

12:15 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Bayberry House on Rose Morin Avenue for a resident making suicidal statements. Officers discovered she had ingested testosterone pills thinking they were Advil with the intent of killing herself. She was brought to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation.

2:04 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Riddle Hill Road home for a report of an elderly woman out of control. Medics were also dispatched and arrived for evaluation. The visiting nurse reported the elderly woman was throwing objects at her and threatening her. Officers determined she needed to be psychologically evaluated and brought to Falmouth Hospital.

5:22 PM: Police arrested Peter Negri, 25, of East Falmouth for drunken driving, leaving the scene of an accident and other related offenses. A 911 caller reported that she was sideswiped by a vehicle on Thomas B. Landers Road. The offending driver fled the scene in his vehicle. The caller followed the other vehicle to Tamarack Drive. Responding officers arrived and investigated and arrested Mr. Negri.

6:52 PM: Police were dispatched to McDonald’s for a crash. Officers found that the male driver was drunk. They arrested Joseph Drolette Jr., 62, of Teaticket for OUI alcohol.

7:48 PM: Officers were dispatched to Gosnold Treatment Center for an overdose. The man was brought to the emergency room.

Monday, February 1

9:03 AM: An officer responded to a Scranton Avenue apartment complex for a report of a deceased person. After an investigation, police determined the death was not suspicious.

11:46 AM: Police responded to a report of a man at a Redbrook Road address was in violation of a no trespass order. Police found and arrested Hosea White, 60, for trespassing.

8:20PM: A caller from Brick Kiln Road reported that her adult son was drunk and had fled the area on foot. Officers located him on Sandwich Road and found that he had a felony warrant out of Attleboro for accosting and other related offenses. Police arrested Stephen Delaney, 34, of East Falmouth.

9:42 PM: Police and fire personnel responded to an overdose at the Inn on the Square on Palmer Avenue. The victim was brought back to life with several doses of Narcan and taken to the emergency room.

Tuesday, February 2

1:23 PM: Officers responded to a home on Roberta Jean Circle to check the welfare of a juvenile female. The check was requested by the state Department of Children and Families. Officers were unable to locate anyone at the home. Further information came forward that the juvenile had made statements of wanting to harm herself. While checking other locations, officers were directed back to the home after learning the juvenile and her mother had returned home. After speaking with both parties, it was determined that the juvenile would be transported to the hospital to be evaluated.

Wednesday, February 3

2:42 PM: Officers responded to a Regis Road home to check the welfare of a woman after family members reported they had not heard from her since she left the hospital. They were also advised that the woman has a history of alcohol abuse. No one responded to police at the door, so they entered the home using an unsecured door. The woman was home, but was unresponsive, due to a high level of intoxication. She was transported to the hospital.

3:30 PM: A caller reported that a drunk man was pushing a child in a stroller along Brick Kiln Road. The responding officer found him to be under the influence of an unknown drug and the child did not appear to be injured. The fire department brought the man and child to the emergency room for evaluation and called the department of children and families.

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