Wednesday, July 1

2:46 PM: Officers responded to a larceny in progress at a home on Katherine Lee Bates Road. The homeowner reported that a man and woman in their 50s removed items from her property and loaded it in a white sedan and then fled the area. Later, while at a crash scene an officer saw the suspect car, stopped the car and found the driver to be operating under the influence. The driver claimed he had paid for the items he took.

8:50 PM: A 911 caller reported that a single vehicle had been involved in a rollover crash on John Parker Road. Officers located the crash and advised that the road would be shut down. A pickup truck had rolled over the guard rail and was stuck on top of it when officers arrived. The single occupant/driver was outside the vehicle and initially reported that he was uninjured. Fire department medics also responded to the scene and eventually transported the operator to the emergency department for treatment. A wrecker was dispatched to the crash but was unable to recover the vehicle due to its location on the guard rail. A heavy-duty tow truck was requested to facilitate the vehicle’s removal.

Thursday, July 2

7:44 AM: Officers came upon a crash at the intersection of John Parker Road and East Falmouth Highway. One of the drivers was suffering from a heart condition, and an ambulance was requested. One vehicle required a tow.

9:01 AM: Officers responded to a business on Teaticket Highway in regard to a breaking and entering. Upon arrival, officers were directed to the front door of the business. It appeared to have been forced open. Items inside were scattered about. The incident remains under investigation.

9:21 AM: Officers again responded to a Teaticket Highway business in regard to a breaking and entering. Upon arrival officers were directed to the garage located at the rear of the property. The garage door was forced or broken open. At the time of the report, nothing appeared to be missing from the building. It is under investigation.

10:39 AM: Police arrested Eric A. Vardac, 59, West Boulevard Drive, Alexandria, Virginia, for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol on Mill Road. He was transported to the station, booked accordingly and placed in a cell to wait bail.

12:46 PM: Officers responded to an Old Barnstable Road home in regard to a possible overdose. Upon arrival fire department medics were already on scene attending to the man. After administering four doses of naloxone, the subject regained consciousness. He was later transported to the hospital for further treatment.

1:09 PM: Officers responded to the hospital to assist security with a man who left the emergency department while being treated for mental health issues. Upon arrival in the area, officers learned that security officers were able to talk him into going back into the hospital to get the appropriate treatment.

1:39 PM: Officers responded to a residence on Rose Morin Lane in regard to a man making statements to harm himself. Upon arrival officer located the subject and subsequently transported him to the hospital for a Section 12 (mental health) evaluation.

Friday, July 3

8:28 AM: Officers responded to parking complaints at Old Silver Beach. Traffic waiting to gain access to the parking lots was backed up to St. Elizabeth Seton Church. Parking attendants advised that they could not open the lots until 9 AM. Officers tried to alleviate the issue until the lots opened. Once the lots opened, traffic moved along and the roadway cleared.

12:34 PM: Officers responded to Falmouth Hospital to take a man into custody on a warrant of apprehension. Upon arrival, officers were directed to the subject in question and took him into custody. He was transported to court to be evaluated.

2:20 PM: A woman was taken into custody on a warrant of apprehension on Andrews Road. Once in custody the subject was transported to court to be evaluated.

Day Shift: Among other calls for service throughout the day shift, officers responded to seven separate minor motor vehicle crashes and hit-and-runs at various locations around town.

Saturday, July 4

12:58 AM: A caller reported an overdose with CPR in progress. An officer arrived and administered one dose of naloxone. Fire department medics transported the person to Falmouth Hospital for medical evaluation and treatment. A nurse located what appeared to be heroin/fentanyl under the victim’s bra. An officer seized the drugs and submitted the evidence for destruction.

11:25 AM: A caller reported that a 64-year-old relative was missing. The victim has suffered from depression and alcohol abuse. An extensive search was conducted, but she was not located. A missing-person bulletin has been disseminated to other police departments. It is under investigation.

5:01 PM: An officer responded to the skate park for loud music. Upon arrival he found 200 to 250 cars and approximately 300 people. They were there for a protest. They were advised to keep the music off and to make sure that fire apparatus could drive through the lot and the road. There were no further complaints.

5:11 PM: Officers assisted the fire department in locating a car fire at the Steamship Authority lot on Thomas B. Landers Road. The vehicle had been left running for 24 hours. The fire department handled the issue.

5:17 PM: A check of Goodwill Park, after the beach staff and summer officer had left, found hundreds of people there and cars illegally parked. The group was removed and the gate was locked.

10:45 PM: A woman was placed into protective custody at Falmouth Hospital. She was intoxicated and had a head injury that required her to be watched. The hospital had discharged her. Gosnold treatment center had an open bed but refused to take her because of COVID-19. Before an officer could transport her to the station, she fell against the cruiser and struck her head. She was readmitted to the hospital.

Sunday, July 5

1:05 AM: Officers responded to a car versus deer crash on Ter Heun Drive. The driver was not injured. It is believed the deer might have sustained a broken leg but managed to run into the woods. Officers were unable to locate it.

10:43 AM: A social worker called and stated she had seen a person formerly reported as missing and in need of mental health assistance on Ter Heun Drive. Officers located the woman and transported her to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

1:36 PM: A motorist observed and reported a man in a confused state standing on the Route 28 off ramp for Route 151. The 21-year-old had been reported as missing and in need of mental health assistance. As a result, he was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

5:55 PM: An officer responded to a crash on Teaticket Highway. One of the vehicles fled the scene. After speaking with the driver involved and witnesses, he developed a suspect. The main suspect was issued a criminal citation and will be summoned to court for leaving the scene.

6:58 PM: Gosnold treatment center requested the police to locate a drunk man who had fled from the facility. While officers were there, two other residents became disruptive and staff kicked one of them out. Peace was eventually restored, and police located and returned the original person.

9:27 PM: Numerous individuals in Teaticket reported loud and disruptive fireworks. Officers located the residence in question along with a fairly large amount of commercial-grade fireworks. The fireworks were seized. No one would answer the door at the home. Charges against the homeowner are pending.

10:43 PM: Callers reported a group of youths using fireworks and possibly drinking at Falmouth Heights Beach. There was no one located with alcohol in hand, and no fireworks were located. The beach was filthy, and police had the 25 to 30 youths clean it up before leaving.

11:15 PM: A caller reported that her adult daughter had overdosed on Xanax and possibly heroin or another opioid. When confronted by a relative, she became disruptive. She was transported to the emergency department by medics for substance abuse treatment.

Monday, July 6

4:12 PM: Officers were dispatched to an Old Barnstable Road home to check on a woman. A neighbor reported that she had just been dropped off by a cab and that she fell several times before getting to her house. Officers could not get anyone to come to the doo,r and they entered and found her incapacitated on the floor. She had allegedly just been released from the hospital. She was transported back by ambulance.

4:56 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Pinecrest area home for a disruptive and drunk female. Officers found Sandi Cacciotta, 52, of Sand Pointe Shores Drive in East Falmouth to be intoxicated. She refused to walk with the officers, so they carried her to the cruiser. She was placed in protective custody and transported to the police station.

7:23 PM: An officer was dispatched to the Ashumet boat ramp for a report of an erratic and illegal boat in the pond. The Mashpee harbormaster’s office also responded. The male owner/operator of the boat was issued a citation by the Mashpee harbormaster’s office for the violations on the water and was also issued a citation by the Falmouth harbormaster for an unregistered boat trailer.

7:49 PM: A Teaticket business reported a vehicle that had been in its lot for at least four days. The vehicle had attached plates. The window was down, and it was completely unsecured. It had recent damage to it. No one associated with the vehicle VIN or the attached plate was able to be contacted. The vehicle was towed, and the owner was issued a citation by mail with a request to contact police and Teaticket Towing.

10:47 PM: The emergency room staff reported a disorderly male who was threatening staff. Officers found that the man, Kevin M. Amick, 54, of Wampanoag Drive in Mashpee was drunk. He was placed in protective custody and transported to the police department.

10:59 AM: Officers responded to a residence on Chilmark Drive and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension. The person was subsequently transported to the court for an evaluation.

Tuesday, July 7

5:00 AM: Officers dispatched to West Falmouth Highway for the report of a large amount of trash in the roadway. Upon arrival it was evident the trash was spilled by a waste disposal truck. The local hauler was located and responded to the scene for cleanup, with the assistance of the Falmouth Department of Public Works.

6:12 AM: Officers were dispatched to Waquoit Highway for the report of a crash. An on-scene investigation revealed a tire from a trailer came off and struck another vehicle. The vehicle that was struck was towed from the scene, and the operator was transported home by the reporting officer. No citation was issued due to unforeseen mechanical failure.

6:53 AM: An officer was dispatched to a West Falmouth Highway business for the report of a confused elderly woman. The officer was able to get the appropriate information on scene and transported her to her daughter’s house that was nearby. Updated contact information was gathered in case there are any future events.

9:37 AM: Police responded to Alderberry Lane for the report of a suicidal person. Officers located the person and determined that a mental health crisis was occurring. As a result, the person was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

Wednesday, July 8

2:58 AM: Officers were dispatched to a Barrows Road address for the report of an intoxicated woman under the influence of an unknown substance. She was located hiding under a truck at a Leonard Drive address and placed in protective custody. The woman, Ciara Emonee Jackson, 24, of Barrows Road was cordial and compliant during the booking process. Her anxiety level started to rise and then skyrocketed when she was placed in the female holding cell. She began to climb on elevated surfaces and to cover cameras with wet toilet paper as well as pieces of clothing and the cell mattress. Due to her behavior, she was transported to the emergency department for a mental health evaluation.

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