Wednesday, July 8

11:31 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Falmouth Inn for a disturbance in the lobby. The clerk and another guest advised that a man was assaulting a woman and that he had threatened to stab and shoot one of them. When police went to the room, they learned that the man, Christopher J. Speck, 33, of Holman Street in Attleboro, was intoxicated. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and threats and was placed in protective custody.

Thursday, July 9

8:59 AM: Police responded to a report of youths removing a post from the Falmouth Jewish Congregation property. Video surveillance is being reviewed, and the incident is under investigation.

10:37 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Old Meetinghouse Road area to check the welfare of a woman sitting on the edge of the road. She was found to be intoxicated, was transported to a nearby residence and left in the care and custody of a sober friend.

10:54 PM: Officers were dispatched to Wood Neck Beach for a man in his early 20s who appeared lost and confused. The caller also suspected that the individual might be autistic. An officer located the man and his local residence and spoke with his parents.

Friday, July 10

12:44 AM: A caller reported hearing a woman in the area screaming “hello” for about 20 minutes. Officers responded and located the woman, Aiyana Rose Dolan, 21, of Barrows Road, East Falmouth. She was intoxicated and was placed into protective custody. During the booking process, she suffered an anxiety attack and made suicidal statements prompting a transport to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

12:18 PM: A man was transported from his Woodview Drive home to Falmouth Hospital for a Section 12 (mental health) evaluation.

3:09 PM: Officers responded to the Nyes Neck Beach Association to assist the fire rescue department with a possible drowning. Upon arrival officers observed medics performing CPR on a woman. She was transported to the hospital for further treatment. As of the time of this report, the victim was still being treated. She was listed in critical condition.

Saturday, July 11

5:30 PM: Two officers assisted the fire department with traffic and crowd control at a fire on MBL Street in Woods Hole. The officers assisted and closed the street to traffic for a couple of hours.

5:49 PM: Callers reported an erratic vehicle in Teaticket and East Falmouth. Two officers responded and stopped the vehicle on Menauhant Road. The driver was an elderly man who was suffering from medical issues. His son was contacted and took control of the vehicle and his father. An officer will be filing a medical immediate-threat license suspension.

10:32 PM: A man reported he was at the Mobil Gas Station on Palmer Avenue and felt that he wanted to kill himself. An officer responded and spoke with him. The man was transported to the emergency room by ambulance.

Monday, July 13

2:24 PM: Officers were called to a disturbance at a local substance abuse treatment facility. An unruly woman causing the disturbance agreed to be voluntarily transported to the hospital by the fire rescue department.

4:09 PM: Officers were dispatched to check on a suspicious vehicle parked in the town lot off Depot Avenue. It was further reported that there was a couple having sex behind it. There was no one there upon arrival, but the vehicle registration had been revoked and uninsured. The plates were seized, and the vehicle was towed.

4:44 PM: Medway Police Department requested that Falmouth Police attempt to locate a man at his summer house on an arrest warrant. He was arrested without issue and held until court in the morning.

Tuesday, July 14

12:44 PM: Officers located a previously reported suicidal 57-year-old man who was also wanted for an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension (Section 35). The man was transported to Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

4:48 AM: A caller reported that a relative was intoxicated and causing a disturbance to the household. Upon arrival the officers were advised the subject was also making suicidal threats with a knife. As a result, the subject was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

2:18 PM: Officers were dispatched to a crash involving a possible drunk operator in a business parking lot off North Falmouth Highway. Upon arrival officers discovered a minor crash with no injuries and an intoxicated driver. The 28-year-old, Nathan K. Rebello of Old Barnstable Road was arrested and charged with operating under the influence of alcohol and operating to endanger. A breath test revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.28, more than three times the legal limit.

3:53 PM: Callers reported a vehicle all over the road that nearly caused several crashes. The vehicle and operator were located at a residence on Gifford Street. The vehicle had major mechanical issues. The operator was issued a citation for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, marked lanes and operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment. The driver was advised that if the vehicle was observed on the road that it would be towed. The operator took the plates off voluntarily and advised that it would not be put back on the road until fixed.

4:52 PM: Officers who were at the emergency room for another issue observed a woman acting disorderly. She assaulted a nurse and a security officer. Staff wanted her removed but did not want her charged. She had another medical event as she was being discharged and she was readmitted.

4:53 PM: A woman reported that her father was extremely drunk, had overdosed and was threatening to kill himself. Officers located the man at the Admiralty Inn after an extensive search. He was found to be intoxicated with alcohol and drugs. As a result, he was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

5:52 PM: Emergency room staff reported that they had a patient, Amanda L. Combies, 39, of Rose Marin Lane, who was out of control and who had destroyed a hospital computer. Upon the officers’ arrival, the security officers were struggling to restrain her. She was taken into custody without issue and charged with disorderly conduct.

Wednesday, July 15

7:26 AM: Officers responded to a past breaking-and-entering of a residence. A crime scene technician processed the scene.

9:43 AM: A pickup truck struck a utility pole on Hayway Road, causing a temporary road closure. There were no injuries.

Thursday, July 16

5:56 AM: Officers were dispatched to an Ocean View Avenue address after the homeowners found an unknown man sleeping on their sofa. It was determined that he had entered the wrong house by mistake during the early morning hours after consuming some alcoholic beverages. The man was actually staying at the house next door. The homeowners did not press charges, and a sober person from where he was staying took custody of him.

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