Thursday, July 25

5:01 PM: Firefighters at the East Falmouth Fire Station reported a driver had pulled into their parking lot and said their female passenger was overdosing. Fire rescue department personnel treated her before transporting her to the hospital. She was left in the custody of the emergency room staff.

7:37 PM: During their investigation, police determined the overdose victim had four standing arrest warrants. Once medically cleared, police arrested Katelyn S. Geggatt, 29, of Luke Road, East Falmouth.

8:11 PM: A 911 caller reported that a 26-year-old man with mental health and medical conditions was missing. Both the police and a Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office canine unit responded. About 15 minutes after the canine track began, the man returned home. An officer transported him to the hospital. He was left in the care and custody of hospital staff.

9:07 PM: Police responded to a report of a fight involving multiple women near the east gate of the Barnstable County Fairgrounds. Police determined two women, Krystii L. Pottle, 28, of East Falmouth Highway, Falmouth, and Kayla M. Haywood, 27, of Mashpee had kicked a third woman. Both Ms. Pottle and Ms. Haywood, who are sisters, were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Police determined they kicked the third woman in retaliation for dating their ex-boyfriends.

11:09 PM: Officers at the Barnstable County Fair received a report of upskirting in the Midway area. Charges are pending.

Friday, July 26

2:22 PM: Officers responded to a Hempden Road residence to check the welfare of a woman who had made statements indicating she wanted to hurt herself. She was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

8:29 PM: The police and fire departments responded to Water Street Kitchen in Woods Hole following a report of smoke coming from behind a wall in the kitchen. During the incident, Water Street was impassable to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Officers remained on the scene for traffic and crowd control until the fire department cleared the scene.

10:08 PM: A 911 caller reported that a man was “nodding off,” potentially due to an overdose. The Falmouth Police and Mashpee Fire departments responded to the residence. The victim did not lose consciousness, but did admit to taking heroin. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Saturday, July 27

3:07 PM: A car collided with a bicyclist on North Falmouth Highway near Heather Lane. The bicyclist was transported to Falmouth Hospital for minor injuries.

3:34 PM: A car collided with a bicyclist in front of the North Falmouth fire station. The bicyclist suffered from possible broken ribs and a hip injury. He was transported to Falmouth Hospital for minor injuries.

Sunday, July 28

7:01 AM: A woman reported she had sustained an injury, but could not recall how. An officer is working to determine if the injury is the result of an accident or an assault.

7:06 AM: Officers responded to Main Street following a report of a man causing a disturbance. The man was reportedly threatening people, challenging them to fights and using profanity in front of families. He was placed in custody and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

2:55 PM: Officers located an underage drinker at Old Silver Beach. The youth left in the custody of a parent.

3:35 PM: Police responded to a report of a man yelling “kill me” on Palmer Avenue. The man was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

6:45 PM: Several callers reported disorderly people at the top of Seacoast Shores Boulevard. Officers responded and found numerous agitated parties arguing with each other. Several more officers responded to quell the disturbance. Charges are pending against one woman for malicious damage of property.

8:46 PM: Officers responded to Gosnold, where a man was threatening staff and other residents. He was found to be extremely drunk and disorderly. He was placed in protective custody and taken to the police station.

11:13 PM: A car collided with two bicyclists on Teaticket Highway. One sustained a head injury. Access Ambulance came upon the crash and rendered aid until a fire department ambulance was free to respond.

Monday, July 29

12:36 AM: The staff at a Sandwich Road business reported an intoxicated man would not leave the premises. Responding officers determined the man was incoherent and indifferent. He was taken into protective custody.

1:19 AM: An officer observed a man, wearing only torn red boxer shorts, swaying back and forth on a Teaticket Highway sidewalk. He was evidently intoxicated and had to be held up to prevent him from falling down. He was taken into protective custody. Once at the station, police determined he had an outstanding arrest warrant. Police arrested Peter F. Groonell, 52, of King Street, Falmouth, on this warrant.

11:17 AM: Officers responded to Sandwich Road following a report of a woman sending suicidal text messages. Officers located the woman, who was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

2:40 PM: Officers responded to Menauhant Beach, where an intoxicated man reportedly fell and struck his head. The fire department also responded and transported him to the hospital for treatment. While investigating, witnesses reported an intoxicated woman and toddler were with the man on the beach. The woman had left the beach parking lot with the toddler in the vehicle by crashing through the parking lot rope. She fled the scene without leaving her information.

Police responded to the vehicle owner’s residence. Upon arrival, they found the car in driveway with the driver’s door open. They could see alcohol nip bottles strewn throughout the vehicle. Officers located the woman and toddler in the residence. She was heavily intoxicated. Police arrested Stephen Drexler, 34, of Fishermans Cove Road, East Falmouth, for operating under the influence of liquor, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and endangerment of a child while operating under the influence. The Department of Children and Families was requested to evaluate the child.

3:14 PM: An officer responded to assist the fire department at a Priscilla Drive residence, where a man was suffering from a mental illness. Fire department personnel convinced the man to go to a hospital for an evaluation following his suicide attempt. The man had attempted to overdose on pain medication. The officer filed paperwork to have the man evaluated for an involuntary committal for mental illness.

4:39 PM: Police responded to a two-car crash on Menauhant Road. One of the cars was disabled and required a tow. The cause remains under investigation.

9:40 PM: A caller reported a man on all fours on Main Street. Officers found him to be intoxicated. An officer attempted to bring him back to a residence, but they did not want him there, due to his high level of intoxication. On the way back to the police station, he became agitated and started smashing things in the back of the patrol car. The officer pulled over to handcuff him. He continued his disorderly behavior and resisted being handcuffed. Police arrested Shaun P. Madden, 50, of Caroline Lane, Falmouth, for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

11:24 PM: A caller reported a man lying on Jones Road. An officer found the man and determined he was intoxicated. He was transported to an East Falmouth residence, where a sober party took custody of him.

Tuesday, July 30

9:31 AM: Officers responded to West Falmouth Highway after receiving a complaint that a patient had left a treatment facility. The woman was located and placed into protective custody.

9:16 PM: A CVS employee called to report an elderly woman had been walking around the store for an extended period of time, and appeared disoriented and confused. The caller said the woman might be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. An officer arrived and spoke with the woman. She was able to get the woman’s daughter’s phone number. The daughter was contacted by dispatch and responded to take custody of her mother. She was advised to register her mother at the police station for the Silver Alert Community Response Program, which is designed to pre-plan a rapid response in locating cognitively impaired residents who are at risk of wandering and becoming lost.

10:35 PM: A caller reported that his ex-girlfriend was outside his residence knocking on his windows. He said she appeared to be intoxicated and was moving news camera equipment near the roadway. The equipment was there because the Barrows Road residence was a short distance away from the car crash involving two teenagers on bicycles. Officers arrived and located the woman, who was intoxicated. Police arrested Patricia M. Eldredge, 30, of Barrows Roads, East Falmouth, for disorderly conduct and possession of a Class E drug.

Wednesday, July 31

5:53 PM: Officers responded to a Woods Hole residence for a disturbance. It was reported that one of the two combatants was in possession of firearms. After an extension investigation, one man will be charged with assault and battery, the other for threatening to commit a crime. Police seized a shotgun and handgun during the investigation.

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