Wednesday, June 30

11:27 PM: Officers assisted with traffic control while the fire department attended to a structure fire on Old Barnstable Road.

11:39 PM: Police arrested Julia Leighton, 37, of Falmouth and charged her with OUI-liquor, negligent operation, leaving the scene of property damage, and failure to stay within marked lanes. Witnesses reported she was driving erratically and that she sideswiped an SUV. Mashpee police believe she struck a lamp post in Mashpee Commons. The car had heavy front-end and side damage consistent with the reported crashes. During booking, police learned that Ms. Leighton had three children (ages 10, 7 and 19 months) who were alone at her home. Officers went to the residence to check on the children and their grandmother took over their care. Police called DCF.

Thursday, July 1

6:27 AM: An Steamship Authority employee reported disruptive patrons on the ship and wanted them removed. The passengers had failed to renew their ticket passes. An officer was able to facilitate a resolution that allowed the passengers to remain on the ship, so they could go to work on the island.

12:37 PM: Officers responded to an Old Barnstable Road address after a male resident called police requesting to be arrested on an outstanding warrant. He admitted to drinking and also made concerning statements to the dispatcher about suicide. Officers determined he was not a harm to himself and transported him to Falmouth District Court.

2:25 PM: Officers responded to an Emerson Road address after a resident returned home to find her 77-year-old husband unresponsive in the back yard. Officers and fire department medics responded and declared the man deceased. It appears he had a medical event on the rear patio and fell down. It is under investigation; however, at this time, the death does not appear suspicious.

2:43 PM: A mother walked into the police station to report her 33-year-old son had been missing for two days. She reported that he has struggled with alcoholism in the past. It is an ongoing investigation.

3:48 PM: Officers responded to a Sandwich Road home and took a person into custody for an involuntary committal for mental illness order (Section 12) issued by a doctor. The person was transported to hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

4:03 PM: A man who was trying to be admitted to the emergency room was denied because he had been admitted numerous times the same day and walked out on each occasion. Police checked to see if there was room at Gosnold Treatment Center, but it was full. At the man’s request, he was transported to the Teaticket Cumberland Farms, where he made arrangements to be picked up.

10:39 PM: An East Falmouth business owner said that a homeless woman was on his business property. The woman said that she had not taken her medications for several days. Police took her voluntarily to the emergency room for an evaluation.

11:37 PM: A 911 caller reported a crash on Lake Leaman Road. A Jeep Compass ran off the road onto a lawn. The vehicle was towed from the scene because it had an expired registration. The driver was cited for a marked lanes violation and for an unregistered vehicle.

Friday, July 2

7:33 AM: Police received a report of tractor-trailer vs. car crash at the intersection of Routes 28A and 151. The truck was making a left turn when the car attempted to pass on the left and was pinched between the trailer and traffic island. There was no damage to the truck, and minor damage to the Porsche. The driver of the car was cited for failure to yield

5:33 PM: Police and fire department personnel responded to an overdose at a home in the Wild Harbor area. A man was found lifeless and blue in his family’s driveway. Medics administered numerous doses of Narcan and eventually brought him back to life. He was placed in protective custody and transported to the hospital. Police found fentanyl on the scene and seized it for destruction.

11:29 PM: Officers observed an intoxicated woman stumbling at the corner of Scranton Avenue and Main Street. A friend was located and was on the way to pick her up. The woman was escorted to the rear of one of the cruisers because she was running into traffic and falling. She assaulted officers and kicked the interior of the cruiser. Later, she was left in the care and custody of her friend.

11:58 PM: A fight involving an estimated 100 people was reported in the New Silver Beach area. More than 10 officers responded but there was no disturbance when they arrived.

Saturday, July 3

1:02 AM: An officer came upon a couple arguing and found them to be intoxicated. Police brought them to a home where there were other family members, and there was no fear of the verbal disagreement escalating.

6:11 AM: Police responded to a call about a man sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the Christmas Tree Shop. He was intoxicated and difficult to awaken. He was transported to Falmouth Hospital for treatment. His bicycle was secured and brought to the police station for safekeeping.

4:33 PM: Officers were dispatched to a crash on Davis Straits where one of the drivers, Ryan D. O’Rourke, 35, of Dorchester, was trying to flee the scene. Officers arrived quickly and located all of the involved drivers. Mr. O’Rourke was arrested and charged with OUI liquor, negligent operation and possession of an open container.

5 PM: Police received a report that a car had crashed into a tree on Route 151 near Boxberry Hill Road. The fire department responded for unknown injuries, but the male driver refused further medical attention.

10:18 PM: Officers were dispatched to New Silver Beach for over 100 people partying on the beach. Numerous officers responded, and everyone cleared out as police were arriving. No alcohol was observed.

11:10 PM: Officers were dispatched to Central Park Avenue for a man who stated that he was lost and could not make his way home. Officers arrived to assist and found him to be intoxicated. They tried to facilitate a sober ride home but he refused to call anyone and he became disorderly. As a result, he was placed in protective custody.

Sunday, July 4

12:56 AM: Officers were called to the Cumberland Farms in Teaticket for a report of a man who had pointed a firearm at several people and threatened to “shoot everybody” after an altercation in which he was accused of almost striking a woman with his car. He then left the area. Officers were able to have a family member contact the suspect. He returned to Falmouth, and spoke with officers at the police station. The man was cooperative. His firearm and firearms license were seized. Robert L. Caggiula, 23, of Northbridge will be summoned to court for two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

12:32 PM: Officers were dispatched to an Edgewood Drive home for the report of threats. Eryn G. Flanagan, 22, of East Falmouth was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant issued out of the Falmouth District Court.

5:10 PM: Officers responded to a crash at the intersection of Falmouth Heights Road and Robbins Road. There were no injuries. One of the drivers, Kayla M. Howland, 27, of East Falmouth, was arrested and charged with OUI liquor and negligent operation.

6:20 PM: A Gifford Street resident reported that his roommate was drunk and was making threats to harm him. The intoxicated man was transported to the emergency room for severe alcohol intoxication. He will also be charged with threatening to commit a crime.

6:45 PM: A man reported his adult son was missing and in danger. A brief investigation revealed the man was in New York City. The New York City police were notified.

7:10 PM: Officers responded to Falmouth Heights Beach for disorderly youths. One of the youths threw a beer at a patrol car. As a result, John S. Stacey, 18, of Westwood was arrested and charged with malicious destruction, being a minor in possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct, and possession of a false ID.

11:05 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Shorewood area home for an unwanted guest. The caller was the father of a woman who had just been released from custody on bail. She advised that she was having mental and physical health issues and she was transported by patrol car to the emergency room.

Monday, July 5

12:53 AM: Officers responded twice to the Falmouth Inn for unrelated groups being loud and causing disturbances. Officers assisted the manager in advising guests to return to their rooms and notifying noisy and boisterous parties to quiet down. Peace was restored without incident.

Tuesday, July 6

11:17 AM: A Trotting Park Road resident called to report that someone had set up a campsite to the rear of his property. Two officers from the homeless outreach team responded and located the camp, which was active but vacant. A business card with instructions to call the officer was left in the person’s tent.

12:52 PM: Officers located a man at a Scranton Avenue address who had been reported missing. He was not in distress and was in turn taken out of the database as missing.

2:07 PM: Officers responded to a home on Vacation Lane and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension. The person was transported to Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

6:17 PM: A medical professional called dispatch to report that one of her patients failed to sign onto a scheduled Zoom session. She then traveled to her patient’s home and found her lying on her kitchen floor. Police and fire personal responded to the home and found the woman had died. It is under investigation but does not appear suspicious.

Wednesday, July 7

11:58 AM: Officers responded to a home on Cypress Street and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension.

1:21 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Locustfield Road address for an overdose. A family member was administering CPR to a man. The officer as well as medics administered Narcan and were able to revive him. He was transported to the emergency room.

9:13 PM: Officers responded to a residence on Hayway Road and took a person into custody for the purpose of an involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a doctor.

Thursday, July 8

6:45 AM: A crash was reported on Route 28 north near Route 151. A car had left the road and traveled down an embankment. There were no injuries.

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