Wednesday, May 6

6:00 PM: Officers were dispatched to the area near Route 28 and Central Avenue to check the welfare of a man on the ground. Officers found the man, who is well-known to police. He was drunk and police transported him to his home and was left in the care of his mother.

Thursday, May 7

3:42 AM: Officers were dispatched to Nashawena and Old Dock Road for a report that a car had hit a guardrail and the driver was attempting to leave the scene. Evan R. Geggatt, 20, of Candace Way, was under the influence of drugs and was placed under arrest for OUI Drugs and other motor vehicle offenses. The car was towed. During booking, Mr. Geggatt’s condition began deteriorating and medics were requested for a transport to him Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

6:04 AM: Officers were dispatched to the Steamship Authority lot on Palmer Avenue for an intoxicated man. The man called a person to take custody of him and police him to the person’s care.

Friday, May 8

6:39 PM: A caller reported a man staggering in the road in the area of Palmer Avenue and Carlson Lane. Officers located the man, who is a resident of a nearby group home. Police determined that he was was under the influence of crack cocaine, and he was transported to the emergency room under protective custody.

Later, emergency room staffed called to report that the man had been medically cleared, and he refused to leave the hospital. Officers responded and determined that he was also under the influence of alcohol. He had no safe place to stay at that time, so her was taken into protective custody. He was transported to the police department and processed and secured without incident. Police called the group home to let them know the man was in police custody.

11:33 AM: An officer responded to a report of vandalism at the East Falmouth Library. Police found several brick and blue stones had been broken away from the stairs and walls surrounding the patio. The incident remains under investigation.

Saturday, May 9

10:22 PM: The staff of a convenience store on Teaticket Highway called to report that a woman had staggered into the store. She appeared to be intoxicated, and a friend was trying to convince her to go to the hospital. Officers arrived and located the woman and her friend. Police found she was overdosing on crystal methamphetamine. The fire department transported her to the emergency room.

11:08 AM: Police arrested John Dias III, 54, of Teaticket Highway at an apartment on Scranton Avenue on four outstanding arrest warrants. He was held without bail.

7:04 AM: Police assisted Mashpee police in finding the owner of a car that was involved in a crash that morning. Police met with the registered owner and did not observe any obvious injuries.

5:34 PM: A caller reported youths vandalizing the former Nimrod building on Dillingham Avenue. Officers responded and found two juveniles in the area. The parents of both juveniles were contacted and responded to the scene to take custody. The property owner was contacted in order to ascertain what if any damage was caused by the youths.

Sunday, May 10

6:06 PM: A caller reported an erratic driver on Route 151. Police found the car on Barrows Road and determined that the driver was suffering from a serious health issue and called the fire department, who transported the driver to the hospital.

7:31 PM: Officers responded to a Shorewood area home for a report of a disorderly man. Officers spoke to all involved and determined that the man was in need of immediate mental health treatment. He was involuntarily committed and brought to the emergency room.

10:00 PM: Officers tried to stop a driver who was driving erratically on Main Street. The driver refused to pull over. The vehicle was then observed going through stop signs, passing in no passing zones and speeding. Two other officers stopped the vehicle on Route 28 about 10 minutes later. The operator exited the vehicle as if he had a weapon and turned toward one of the officers. The officer determined the object was a cell phone. They wrestled with the driver and placed him in custody. He continually yelled “shoot me” to officers and he advised nurses and the fire department that he was trying to commit “suicide by cop.” He was involuntarily committed due his mental health. He will also be charged with numerous offenses including reckless operation of a vehicle and failure to stop for the police.

1:05 PM: Officers arrested Billy Garner, 57, of Falmouth for assault with a dangerous weapon (knife) and assault and threat to commit a crime. Police were dispatched to a group home on Palmer Avenue for a disturbance when they found Mr. Garner was threatening and assaulting another resident.

Monday, May 11

3:48 PM: Officers responded to a request to go to Bayberry House, a mental health group home, to assist staff with a mentally ill resident. An adult woman was located and transported to the emergency room by ambulance. Officers escorted them. She was eventually left in the care and custody of the hospital staff.

6:36 PM: Officers were dispatched to the area of the Falmouth District Court for a man stumbling into traffic. One of the responding officers observed the man stumble and fall into traffic. The fire department transported him to the emergency room.

7:10 PM: Officers were dispatched to the emergency room for help with a disorderly person. The responding officers witnessed the intoxicated man acting extremely disorderly. Subsequently, police charged Billy Garner, 57, homeless with disorderly conduct.

9:28 PM: An officer drove by a motel on Teaticket Highway and was flagged down by a frantic woman who said a man in one of the rooms was unresponsive. He did not have a pulse and appeared dead. The fire department confirmed that he was dead. The death does not appear suspicious.

11:24 AM: Fire department medics responded to the report of a 41 year-old man overdosing near a Corte Real Avenue sober house. Police are investigating the incident.

Tuesday, May 12

6:30 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Hatchville home for the report of an intoxicated and unwanted person at a residence. Officers found the woman, Patricia E. Devine, 50, of Boston, was drunk. Police found she had two default warrants out of Quincy District for assault and battery on ambulance personnel. She was arrested as well as placed in protective custody.

10:00 PM: Police stopped a car for a motor vehicle violation and learned the driver only had a driver’s permit. The passenger was licensed, but was under the influence of marijuana. There were open containers of marijuana. They were secured in the trunk and the driver was issued a citation for the offenses.

10:36 AM: A caller reported finding an intoxicated man lying down in the road. Officers determined the 24-year-old man was huffing and in a poor medical state. Fire department medics transported the man to the hospital.

11:04 AM: A person told police that a 44-year-old man said he had jumped off the Bourne Bridge. He said he survived but was suicidal. Fire and police personnel responded and transported the man to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

3:05 AM: Staff from a local treatment center called 911 and reported that they were administering CPR on a 28-year-old man who they suspected was overdosing. Fire department medics continued with the rescue efforts. He was brought to hospital for further treatment. He died later. The death does not appear suspicious.

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