Thursday, October 31

3:03 PM: Fire Rescue Department personnel reported a deceased person at a residence on Chancery Lane. Falmouth Police Department, Massachusetts State Police Department and the Office of the Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the incident. The death does not appear to be suspicious.

8:20 PM: A caller reported that her elderly male relative was complaining of severe pain earlier in the day and was not answering his phone. An officer made contact with the man and encouraged him to seek treatment. He agreed and was transported to the emergency room by the fire department.

Friday, November 1

5:14 PM: A mother of a 20-year-old man came into the police department to report her son missing. She said that he had made suicidal threats. Officers searched the area for hours and spoke with various residents. They eventually found the son, placed him into protective custody and transported him to the emergency room.

8:01 PM: An officer observed at a local restaurant on Teaticket Highway a woman who had outstanding arrest warrants. She was arrested on four outstanding warrants out of Attleboro District Court and Falmouth District Court for various drug and larceny offenses.

Saturday, November 2

5:19 PM: Officers responded to a three-car crash on Teaticket Highway. None of the drivers were seriously injured. Officers sought an immediate threat license suspension for one of the drivers, and two of the cars were towed.

7:44 AM: A man overdosed at his residence on Churchill Drive and was transported to the hospital.

12:17 PM: Police arrived on the scene of a three-car crash on West Falmouth Highway near Braeside Road. The drivers had non-life-threatening injuries. Police determined that one of the drivers was distracted and rear-ended a vehicle at a high rate of speed. The road was closed for about 45 minutes to investigate and clean up, and state police assisted in detouring the highway traffic.

5:37 PM: Falmouth Hospital Emergency Room personnel reported that a man fled on foot with an IV in his arm that needed to be removed. Officers came across his wife who was waiting in the area to pick him up. He refused to return to the emergency room and told an officer that he did not want any assistance and would take the IV out on his own.

Sunday, November 3

1:57 AM: Police responded to a report of a breaking and entering in progress at the West Falmouth Market. The officers investigated the scene and determined that two men got into the building, stole liquor bottles and fled in a car. The incident is currently under investigation.

10:10 PM: A caller reported that a classmate with a history of suicide threats posed a Snapchat that was concerning. Mashpee Police Department was contacted, because the student was located in Mashpee. They checked his welfare and spoke with his parents.

11:14 PM: A passerby reported that a man was on the ground in front of a Main Street bank. An officer responded to the scene and found a man passed out. He was drunk and had soiled himself. The fire department transported him to the emergency room.

Monday, November 4

3:31 PM: A caller reported that she had been swindled out of $2,000 by her roommate. The incident remains under investigation.

4:08 PM: Bay Cove Mental Health issued a Section 12 for a woman from East Falmouth. Falmouth Fire Department located her and transported her to the emergency room, and the police department assisted.

8:42 PM: Officers responded to the Waquoit Cumberland Farms for a report of a man dousing himself in gasoline and trying to set himself on fire. An officer arrived on the scene quickly and detained the man before he could injure himself. She called for the fire department, and the man was transported to the emergency room for an evaluation.

8:48 PM: The Falmouth Inn reported a woman who was acting odd and causing a disturbance. Officers found her, and she appeared to be intoxicated from alcohol and suffering from mental health issues. She agreed to go to the emergency room voluntarily for an evaluation, and the fire department transported her there.

12:36 PM: Officers responded to the intersection of Dillingham Avenue and Gifford Street in regard to a motor vehicle crash. One of the vehicles involved had flipped over, and the operator was trapped inside. Officers secured the scene and tended to the injured. Fire Rescue personnel arrived on scene and removed the trapped operator from the vehicle. Investigations revealed that the vehicle traveling on Dillingham Avenue failed to stop at the stop sign and struck the second vehicle as it traveled through the intersection. Both operators had non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to the hospital.

2:36 PM: Officers responded to the Morse Pond School in regard to a student who was out of control. Officers determined that the child was having some sort of mental health issue. They requested an ambulance, which transported to the child to the hospital for evaluation.

Tuesday, November 5

7:13 AM: Officers responded to Pinecrest Beach Drive for a report of a verbal argument between dog walkers. Dispatch reported a man threatening a woman after their dog leashes tangled up. The man continued to verbally assault the woman. Officers arrived and mediated the argument to a peaceful conclusion.

7:36 PM: A 911 caller reported that a woman overdosed at a Davisville Road residence. Fire and police personnel responded to the scene. The fire department stabilized her and transported her to the hospital. She was initially uncooperative with the officers, but at the hospital she shared some information about the incident. A small amount of narcotics was found on her while at the hospital.

Wednesday, November 6

6:58 AM: A 911 caller reported that a relative was unresponsive. A fire department ambulance responded, treated him and transported him to Falmouth Hospital where he later died. Falmouth police, Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the incident. The death does not appear suspicious.

10:34 AM: Officers arrested a man on East Falmouth Highway during a traffic stop for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. Once in custody, he was transported to the station for booking. He was brought to Falmouth District Court for arraignment after appropriate paperwork was completed.

5:47 PM: A 911 caller reported that a relative was suicidal and out driving his car. Officers located the man and transported him to the hospital for an evaluation.

10:12 PM: Staff members of Gosnold Treatment Center called to report that an intoxicated woman was causing a disturbance in their lobby. Falmouth Police Department and Falmouth Fire Rescue Department were dispatched to the incident, where they found her. She was highly intoxicated and possibly under the influence of drugs. She was secured in handcuffs and transported to Falmouth Hospital. Emergency room staff had to restrain her to provide treatment, and an officer remained on the scene until she calmed down.

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