Thursday, October 3, 2019

11:33 PM: Police checked on a motorist who was passed out behind the wheel of a car stopped on East Falmouth Highway. The officer determined the man was unable to drive due to a lack of sleep. He was transported home. His car was towed from the scene. He was issued a criminal citation for negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

Friday, October 4, 2019

10:22 AM: Police responded to East Falmouth Highway, where a man was stumbling in traffic. He was placed into protective custody and transported to the station. During the booking process, the man stated he wanted to get help for his addiction. He was later transported to the Gosnold Treatment Center.

11:28 AM: Police responded to a Davis Straits business, where a man was unresponsive inside a car. Officers located the man and determined he was suffering from a heroin overdose. Police administered Narcan and began CPR, continuing treatment until a Fire Rescue Department ambulance arrived. The man, who was responsive, was transported to Falmouth Hospital for additional treatment.

12:14 PM: Police responded to a Raymond Street residence following a reported death. Fire department personnel stated the man had died following a lengthy illness.

7:44 PM: An officer patrolling Route 151 came upon an injured deer near Route 28. It was clear the deer had been struck by a car, but no vehicle involved in a collision was located in the area. The Marine & Environmental Services Department responded and determined the deer should be euthanized to prevent further suffering. The deer was removed from the scene.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

9:57 AM: While on patrol, an officer located a cyclist on Teaticket Highway who appeared to have fallen. The biker claimed he was struck by a gray sedan, which continued north on Sandwich Road without stopping. Police issued a bulletin regarding the car, which was not located. The cyclist was transported to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injures.

8:39 PM: A walk-in reported they were at Bourne Farm at 8 PM, where they observed a man in the parking area masturbating. Officers responded to the farm, but were unable to locate anyone at that time. However, based on a photo provided by the witness, officers were able to identify the man as someone who lived in the area and who had similar interactions with neighbors in the past. Charges are pending.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

1:16 PM: Officers responded to the Megansett Yacht Club, which had been vandalized. The caller reported someone left several derogatory symbols on the smaller dock. Officers located what appeared to be two swastikas, sexual images and several larger circles on the dock. It appeared the images were drawn on with liquid, which had hardened as it dried. The department of public works responded and cleaned the dock. The incident remains under investigation.

4:08 PM: Multiple callers reported an erratic driver traveling on Route 28 from Mashpee into Falmouth. Officers located the car parked in front of the Ocean State Job Lot, with the driver still inside. The caller, who was on scene, provided police with written and verbal statements regarding the driver. Police administered several field sobriety tests, which the driver failed. Police arrested Amanda M. Kelly, 42, of Mashpee for operating under the influence of liquor, a marked lanes violation and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. During the booking process, she submitted to a breathalizer test, showing a blood alcohol concentration of 0.16 percent, double the legal limit.

Monday, October 7, 2019

1:00 AM: Police responded to a Falmouth hotel, where a woman was making suicidal statements. Fire department personnel also responded to conduct a mental health evaluation. She was transported to the emergency room for treatment.

1:37 AM: Police responded to a sober house, where one of the residents had reportedly left the property after using drugs. Officers attempted to locate the man, but were unsuccessful. A Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office canine unit assisted, but the tracking was unsuccessful. It appeared the man had been picked up by someone and left in a car.

9:07 AM: Police responded to Teaticket Highway, where a man was threatening to harm himself. Once located, the man was transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

5:43 PM: Officers responded to a Main Street hotel, where a woman had told relatives she was going to kill herself. Officers found an unresponsive woman on one of the beds and began first aid. The fire department responded and transported the woman to the emergency room. She had consumed “copious amounts” of various drugs.

7:20 PM: Staff at a Ter Heun Drive treatment facility reported a man had overdosed while in their facility. Responding police and fire personnel administered first aid before transporting the man to the emergency room.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

2:12 AM: Officers responded to the Teaticket Cumberland Farms following a report of an intoxicated man who refused to leave the store. Officers located the man, who was placed into protective custody and held until sober.

11:40 AM: A man who had been banned from Walmart via a “no trespass” order was causing a disturbance in the store. Police responded, and arrested Mark A. Bergbuchler, 25, of Falmouth Landing Road, East Falmouth, on two outstanding warrants.

1:06 PM: Police responded to Main Street, where they located a man walking around in soiled underwear. He was transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

1:18 PM: Police assisted the Fire Rescue Department with an injured laborer whose foot was run over by a skid steer loader. The man was transported to Falmouth Hospital, then a Boston-area hospital for a injury. OSHA was contacted, and responded, to investigate the incident.

4:19 PM: Police responded to a two-car crash at the Sandwich Road and Hatchville Road intersection. Several 911 callers reported a fight there. The responding officer restored the piece. Both cars were towed. Responding fire department personnel treated one of the occupants for non-life-threatening injuries.

7:48 PM: An officer stopped a car because its registration was expired. Based on his interactions with the driver, police determined the man was intoxicated and impaired. Police arrested John M. Souza, 45, of Homestead Lane, East Falmouth, for operating under the influence of liquor (second offense), negligent operation of a motor vehicle, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and having an unregistered motor vehicle.

8:47 PM: Police responded to Queen Street following an abandoned 911 call. There has been a history of welfare checks for elderly residents at the address. While checking the exterior of the home, the officer observed a woman on the floor. The officer entered the home and assisted the victim. The fire department responded, and the woman was transported to the emergency room for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries following a fall.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

1:17 AM: Police responded to a Carolyn Lane residence following a possible overdose. The responding officer confirmed the overdose and administered a dose of Narcan. Responding fire department personnel transported the victim to the emergency room.

6:42 AM: Police responded to a two-car crash on Route 28 South at the Thomas B. Landers Road off-ramp. The Massachusetts State Police also responded and took over at the scene.

7:02 AM: Police responded to Massachusetts Avenue following a reported breaking-and-entering to a car. A Barnstable County crime scene technician processed the scene. The car had been broken into overnight.

2:42 PM: Police responded to a rollover crash on Route 28 North. The Massachusetts State Police took over and are investigating the crash.

5:59 PM: Officers responded to a reported overdose in the Falmouth Plaza parking lot. The caller reported the victim was blue and not breathing. Upon arrival, the man had regained consciousness. He denied consuming any narcotics, although it was later determined he had used heroin. He was placed into protective custody. The fire department responded and transported him to the emergency room.

8:44 PM: An officer stopped a car he witnessed being operated erratically. Police determined that while the driver was taking her prescribed medication as directed, she may be somewhat impaired by it. The registered owner of the car was contacted.

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