Thursday, September 3

11:36 AM: A woman walked into the police department and said she was under surveillance by a state police helicopter, FBI and her neighbors. She was transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

12:27 PM: There was a three-car crash at the intersection of Worcester Court and Spring Bars Road. One vehicle was towed.

2:43 PM: Officers responded to a residence on Old Shore Road and took a person into custody on an involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a judge. The subject was transported to Falmouth District Court for a mental health evaluation.

9:57 PM: Officers responded to a campsite in a wooded area off Spring Bars Road and took two two people into custody for involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a doctor. They were subsequently transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

11:42 PM: A man called dispatch to report he was being held in his home against his will by an unknown man. Dispatch said the caller sounded confused on the phone. Officers arrived and located the man alone in the home, and he appeared to be confused and disoriented, requesting to be transported to the hospital. Medics transported him to Falmouth Hospital for an evaluation.

Friday, September 4

1:27 PM: William Atherton Jr. of Main Street in Falmouth was arrested for a 6th offense of operating under the influence of liquor on Water Street after an officer responded to the area for a minor motor vehicle crash.

4:38 PM: A caller from Sippewissett Road reported an unknown man had stopped in his driveway and exposed himself before driving away. According to the caller the same man had committed similar acts at least seven times in the past. The officer was able to retrieve a license plate from security cameras in the area and eventually identified the suspect.

7:27 PM: Officers responded to a two-car crash at the intersection of Waquoit Highway and Metoxit Road. The preliminary investigation indicated one of the vehicles failed to stop at the stop sign and struck a vehicle traveling east on Waquoit Highway. The drivers and passengers refused medical treatment.

Saturday, September 5

9:09 AM: Officers were dispatched to the area of Chapoquoit Road bridge for a report of an adult male swimmer who had been missing for 20 minutes. The 911 caller was separated from the man and could not see him in the water. After a search, an officer located the swimmer on the side of Chapoquoit Road across from the beach parking lot. He was transported back to the bridge to be evaluated by medics for a jellyfish sting.

11:28 AM: Falmouth Hospital security requested officers to respond an attempt to locate an 18-year-old man who fled from the hospital on foot. He was being held on a mental health committal order and fled wearing only green hospital scrubs. Officers found him in the woods near the back parking lot, but he fled. Officers set up a perimeter, called for a K-9 team and attempted to locate the man, but he slipped through the perimeter. It became apparent the flight from the police was posing a greater risk of personal injury, and the shift supervisor called off the K-9 response, advising all officers to clear but remain on the lookout.

6:53 PM: Staff at Walmart on Teaticket Highway called to report a woman they had had issues with in the past was sitting in the entry area possibly smoking marijuana. Officers arrived and located her. Officers transported her to her home and spoke with her mother. The woman then stated she wanted to go to the hospital for a voluntary mental health evaluation. Officers transported her to the hospital.

Sunday, September 6

The director of the Highfield Theater reported a “Black Lives Matter” sign was torn down, and “All Lives Matter” was spray painted on the side of the building with black spray paint. He believed the incident occurred in the overnight hours. The damage has been repaired.

1:52 AM: A homeowner reported a breaking-and-entering in progress and that a man and woman broke into his trailer, attempting to steal his construction supplies. While chasing the man off his property, the woman went inside his house and ransacked it. The homeowner also chased her out of his house and off the property. A K-9 team conducted a search of the area but was unsuccessful. The incident is under investigation.

9:31 PM: A caller reported a relative was experiencing a mental health episode. The victim agreed to be transported to the lobby of the station, and arrangements were made for Bay Cove Human Services to respond for an evaluation.

Monday, September 7

7:10 PM: An erratic vehicle was reported at Chapoquoit Beach. An officer observed the vehicle on Brick Kiln Road. He tried to stop the vehicle, but it fled. The vehicle was located at a storage lot on Gifford Street. There was a woman passenger in the vehicle. She was intoxicated and said she did not know the man who was driving. A K-9 team was called in but did not find the man. A suspect was later identified, and charges are pending.

8:31 PM: A caller reported a relative was making suicidal threats via text. An officer made contact with her, and she denied doing so. Dispatch obtained copies of the texts, and she was taken into custody and transported to the emergency room by police.

Wednesday, September 9

3:02 PM: Officers received a report of a woman outside a business on Main Street repeatedly taking her pants off and then putting them back on. Officers located the 64-year-old and determined she was intoxicated, and she was subsequently placed in protective custody.

4:30 PM: An officer was dispatched to a hit-and-run crash on Deepwood Avenue. A suspect was identified and contacted by phone. He admitted he had fled the scene. A criminal citation will be issued for negligent operation, leaving the scene and failing to provide identifying information upon request.

4:57 PM: An officer investigated a hit-and-run accident at the East Falmouth Car Wash. He identified a suspect via video surveillance. The incident is under investigation.

Thursday, September 10

1:39 AM: Officers responded breaking-and-entering into three cars on Coleridge Drive. A suspect who appeared to be a white male was captured on one of the home’s surveillance system. A K-9 team responded and initiated a track for the suspect. The suspect was not found. It is under investigation.

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