Thursday, February 4

3:17 PM: Officers responded to a behavioral center on Brick Kiln Road and took a person into custody for an involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a doctor. The person was transported to the Falmouth Hospital for a mental evaluation evaluation and treatment.

11:02 PM: Officers reported hearing a man screaming in the woods adjacent to Morse Pond. They found David Martin, 34, of East Falmouth who had five outstanding arrest warrants, including armed robbery. He was taken into custody. During booking, they found Suboxone and heroin hidden in his sock. Additional charges for the narcotics were added to the arrest. He was held without bail due to the severity of the charges.

Friday, February 5

5:08 PM: Officers responded to the Falmouth Mall for a report of a crash in the parking lot. A driver had driven over the curb, through several bushes and struck a light post. Upon arrival there was smoke coming from the front of the car, the woman driver was confused and had difficulty following commands. It was later discovered that she had suffered a medical incident and this was possibly related. She was transported to the hospital by the fire department. An officer requested an immediate threat license suspension.

6:33 PM: A mental health patient left the hospital in a taxi. An officer located the person in the taxi and returned the person to the hospital.

7:45 PM: A man who was on narcotics attempted to enter East Falmouth Elementary School. He was still on scene when police arrived. Police said the man thought people were entering the building, and he was trying to film them. Police determined he was not a threat to himself.

Saturday February 6

12:25 PM: Officers responded to an overdose on Cuttysark Road. Fire department medics were loading the victim into the ambulance for transport to the emergency room when police arrived.

5:41 PM: Officers responded to a Millfield Street home and took a person into custody for an involuntary committal for mental illness order issued by a doctor. The person was then transported to Falmouth Hospital for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

6:33 PM: Fire and police personnel were dispatched to a Chilmark Drive home for a woman who overdosed on cocaine. She was impaired and deemed a danger to herself and others. She was placed in protective custody for drugs and transported to the emergency room.

8:40 PM: Police arrested Chad C. Brown, 24, of Worcester for failing to identify himself and unlicensed operation of a vehicle. Mr. Brown gave police a fake name and birthdate. Also, police found he had three default warrants out of Boston and Worcester District for various offenses including several felonies.

10:24 PM: An employee at the Teaticket Cumberland Farms reported that a man was nodding off in the store. Officers arrived and located the man walking back to his vehicle. He was intoxicated from using Suboxone and marijuana. Officers told him that he was not free to leave. He made arrangements for a friend to pick him up. A small amount of Suboxone was recovered and entered into evidence for destruction. He did not have a prescription with him.

Sunday, February 7

12:21 PM: Officers responded to Sippewissett Road for a one-car crash. A Toyota truck slid off of the road and got stuck on a large rock. There were no injuries, and the vehicle was towed.

12:42 PM: Officers responded to Brick Kiln Road for a car that had struck a utility pole. Officers arrived and found the driver had suffered a head laceration that did not appear life-threatening. He was transported to the emergency room by ambulance. The utility pole was cracked at the base, and Eversource was called. Officers closed the road between Gifford Street and Service Road.

1:51 PM: Officers responded to Route 28 North to assist the state police with a car that had crashed into the woods. There were no injuries.

1:51 PM: Officers responded to Palmer Avenue for a crash involving a sedan and a town sanding truck. The sanding truck sustained minor damage. The drivers gave conflicting reports. However, based on witness statements, it appears the driver of the Town of Falmouth truck was not at fault.

5:26 PM: An officer came upon a crash on Davis Straits. One person was injured and one of the cars required a tow.

7:35 PM: Fire and police personnel were dispatched to a Hayway Road home for a dog bite. The dog had previous biting incidents. Animal control was unavailable. All of the pertinent information was recorded and passed along to animal control.

Monday, February 8

7:14 PM: Police responded to a one-car crash outside the emergency room. While the car was being towed, a man tried to interfere. Police returned to the scene and restored peace.

8:31 PM: An officer responded to a single-vehicle rollover crash on Route 28 North near Thomas B. Landers Road. The fire department was also dispatched for a possible trapped and injured driver. Upon arrival, officers reported the driver was out of the vehicle and uninjured. State police responded and handled the investigation.

Tuesday, February 9

4:18 PM: Two officers closed a portion of Locustfield Road while the fire department extinguished a house fire. Locustfield Road from Old Campus Drive to Blacksmith Shop Road was closed for approximately two hours.

1:26 AM: Officers responded to a home where an unknown woman was reported to be passed out on the couch. She was removed from the home by the homeowners, but left her phone and wallet behind. Officers located her standing on the street very confused. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Wednesday, February 10

9:10 PM: A car crashed into a tree at the intersection of Woods Hole Road and Harbor Hill Road. The driver was trapped and extricated. She refused medical treatment and was transported to her home and was issued a civil citation.

10:25 PM: Police assisted Barnstable police with person who made suicidal threats who was believed to be in Falmouth. Police contacted the person and offered help, but it was refused.

Thursday, February 11

4:17 AM: Officers responded to a home for a reported overdose with CPR in progress. The man was revived with Narcan and CPR. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.

5:25 AM: A well-known caller from the Bayberry House began calling 911 to report non-emergency incidents and to voice her unhappiness with her living arrangement. Officers were able to redirect her to speak with the house manager. Police also contacted Bay Cove to follow up with her, due to mental health issues.

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