Wednesday, December 30

2:31 AM: Officers were dispatched to an Edgerton Drive address for a report of an overdose. The man was administered one dose of Narcan prior to police/fire personnel arriving. When police arrived they found the man was alert and he was transported by ambulance to the emergency room for further observation.

2:31 AM: Officers were dispatched to a Montauk Street address for a report of an overdose. The female victim took too much of her prescribed medication, officers said. She was transported by ambulance to the emergency room for treatment.

10:51 AM: A Carl Landi Circle resident reported her 16-year-old daughter ran away from the house. The juvenile was reported to have mental health issues. She was last seen on Waquoit Highway heading toward Mashpee. Falmouth police found her in Mashpee and handed the case over to Mashpee police. The juvenile’s therapist will eventually submit an involuntary mental health committal order, police said.

11 AM: Officers responded to a home on Leonard Drive and served an involuntary committal for substance abuse warrant of apprehension. Police transported the person to Falmouth District Court for an evaluation.

3:47 PM: A Petco employee reported a disorderly woman in the store who was refusing to leave. Upon arrival, police found the woman was yelling and screaming. She left the store when directed to by an officer, however, she gave him fake information and continued to be disorderly as she left the area. The officer located her at an East Falmouth home and served her a letter of no trespass. He also put in for a hearing for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

4:38 PM: Police located a man at a Shorewood Drive home who had two arrest warrants out of Barnstable District Court, one of which was for a rape charge. Robert Dube, 36, of Hyannis was arrested, booked and held without bail.

5:20 PM: Officers were dispatched to the area of Gosnold Treatment Center for a man who fled the property when he heard the staff was ready to commit him. Police located the man on the grounds and transported him by cruiser to the emergency room. Police are petitioning the court for an involuntary committal for mental illness order.

10:24 PM: Officers were dispatched to a North Falmouth home for a report of an unknown vehicle in the driveway with the engine not running and a man passed out behind the wheel. Police determined the man was intoxicated. He was placed in protective custody and transported to the police station, and his vehicle was towed. He was picked up within the hour by his wife, police said.

Thursday, December 31

8:41 AM: An Edgewater Drive West resident was found deceased in his home by his roommates. Police are investigating the incident. The death does not appear suspicious.

9:35 AM: Officers responded to a home on Hayway Road and took a person into custody under a Section 35 (involuntary committal for mental illness) order issued by a doctor. The person was taken to Falmouth Hospital for a mental evaluation and treatment.

5:13 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Davis Straits CVS for a man who passed out behind the wheel of his car. Two officers located the unconscious man and administered two doses of Narcan and brought him back to life. He was transported to the emergency room by the fire department.

7:35 PM: Earlier in the shift, officers attempted to locate a man at his East Falmouth home for an outstanding warrant for assault and battery. He was not home. Later, he walked into the police station to inquire about about why officers were at his house. Subsequently, James Eldredge, 36, of East Falmouth was arrested.

7:51 PM: A man walked into the police station lobby and reported that he was high on meth and wanted to go to Gosnold. There were no beds available, police said. As a result, he was placed in protective custody and transported to the emergency room for treatment.

Friday, January 1

11:11 AM: A resident of Blacksmith Shop Road reported that a man across the street from him was acting erratically. Officers arrived and located the man with his vehicle. Officers observed that he appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. They also discovered drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. Fire department medics were dispatched and the man was transported to Falmouth Hospital. The vehicle was secured and towed away.

5:18 PM: A caller reported that a relative was threatening to commit suicide by overdose. The woman was taken into custody by an involuntary committal for mental illness order and transported to the emergency room for evaluation and treatment.

6:53 PM: Two neighbors reported a man overdosing on the common area balcony of the Gosnold Grove Apartments. It was further reported that the man had overdosed in one of the apartments, was dragged out of the apartment, and left for dead on the balcony. The fire department administered Narcan and took other measures, which saved his life. The resident of the apartment lied about the incident and was hostile toward officers, police said. Charges are being considered against him for obstruction of justice.

Saturday, January 2

6:09 PM: Officers responded to Falmouth Hospital to assist with an intoxicated man trying to fight the staff. The staff had requested police assistance in gaining control of the 31-year-old man. He was intoxicated and was trying to get into Gosnold, however Gosnold required a COVID test, police said. He had calmed down upon police arrival and agreed to cooperate with hospital staff.

Sunday, January 3

3:11 PM: A customer at Garret’s Family Market alerted staff that a man was passed out in the parking lot and appeared to be blue in the face. A bystander and the store manager performed CPR on the victim and were able to revive him before fire and police personnel arrived. The victim was incoherent and somewhat combative, police said. It was apparent to first responders on scene that the victim had overdosed. As a result, he was transported by ambulance to the emergency room for treatment.

9:47 PM: Two separate individuals reported that their bank accounts had been “hacked” and $1,500 was missing. Both incidents appear to be linked to a phishing scam through Facebook Messenger. The victims were advised to report the incidents to Facebook and contact their respective banks as soon as possible.

Tuesday, January 5

6:20 PM: A 44-year-old man from Fairhaven was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant.

8:24 PM: Officers responded to an East Falmouth gym for a report of a disorderly woman. Officers found her to be intoxicated and arranged for a friend to pick her up and take care and custody of her.

8:57 PM: A caller reported that a relative made suicidal statements. Officers spoke with the relative and determined that he needed psychological care. They transported him to the emergency room.

9:47 PM: Falmouth police assisted the DEA and Tisbury Police Department with a motor vehicle stop near the intersection of Palmer Avenue and Jones Road. Tisbury police had a search warrant for the vehicle. Police found 4.6 grams of heroin in the vehicle and arrested both occupants, Jason Mello, 32, and Janelle Berneche, 31, both of Tisbury. They were charged with possession of heroin and conspiracy to violate a drug law.

Wednesday, January 6

4:04 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Riddle Hill residence for a disturbance. It was determined that an elderly woman was having memory and mental health issues. She was committed by Bay Cove and transported to the emergency room by ambulance.

Thursday, January 7

2:07 PM: Officers responded to a crash on Sandwich Road near DeCosta Circle. One of the vehicles hit both a pole and a guardrail, officers said. There was also property damage to two separate Sandwich Road addresses. The owners were notified and one vehicle was towed away.

2:20 PM: Officers responded to a gas station on East Falmouth Highway for a reported disturbance. A brief physical altercation took place between a delivery driver and an employee, officers said. Neither person wished to pursue charges and the incident was documented.

10:45 PM: The mother of a 14-year-old reported that her son left their home four hours earlier and refused to return. It was below freezing and he had a history of suicidal thoughts, she said. Officers from Falmouth and Bourne police and the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office found him in Pocasset. He was transported to the emergency room for mental health treatment.

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