Thursday, July 23

6:25 PM: An officer stopped a car because its registered owner had an outstanding arrest warrant. The owner of the car was not driving and police found that the vehicle’s driver was unlicensed. A licensed individual was contacted and took control of the vehicle. The driver was issued a criminal traffic citation.

8:51 PM: A caller reported that an acquaintance made suicidal statements to him in person. Officers responded to an Ashumet Valley area home and the woman was involuntarily committed to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation.

9:05 PM: A disabled car was reported on Old Barnstable Road. It turned out to be a one car crash. Police reports said the driver, Alicia M. Soderberg, 42, of East Falmouth, was intoxicated (liquor) and was arrested and charged with numerous offenses, including OUI, open container and revoked registration.

9:38 PM: A two-car crash was reported at the intersection of routes 151 and 28A. Both cars sustained heavy damage and required tows. The crash remains under investigation.

Friday, July 24

3:56 AM: Officers responded to the report of a box truck that had struck a parked car on Katharine Lee Bates Road. As a result, the operator of the truck was issued a citation for impaired operation. The parked vehicle was towed from the scene.

9:57 AM: Police issued Elias J. Liatsis, 73, of North Falmouth a trespass order forbidding access to any Falmouth beach or parking lot due unacceptable behavior. Police said he entered a parking area and was placed under arrest for trespassing as well as an open container violation.

5:10 PM: Police responded to a report of a man passed out in a vehicle at the Tataket Apartments. The responding officers found a 58-year-old man in the vehicle who was deceased. The fire department responded and confirmed. Falmouth police, state police and the medical examiner’s office are investigating the incident.

11:07 PM: A suspicious vehicle was stopped leaving Brush Hill Circle. The vehicle had a revoked and uninsured status and the driver was issued a criminal traffic citation. The plates were seized and the vehicle was towed.

1:11 PM: Officers responded to a protest on North Falmouth Highway at a new popup store that sells Trump merchandise. The owner of the property wanted the protesters moved from private property to public property. All parties agreed and peace was restored.

Saturday, July 24

5:31 PM: Walmart store officials reported that a man was huffing chemicals in the store and stealing food. Officers responded and found that the man needed medical attention. An ambulance was dispatched, and he was transported to the emergency room and left in the care and custody of the emergency room staff.

Monday, July 27

8:53 AM: Officers were dispatched to the Falmouth Hospital emergency room for a man that had been psychologically cleared but who was creating a disturbance and refusing to leave. Officers escorted Thomas Burton, 23, of Mashpee out of the hospital and contacted his girlfriend to pick him up. The man continued to cause a disturbance and would not leave the premises despite multiple warnings. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

9:07 PM: Fire and police personnel responded to a Greengate Apartments residence for a report of an unresponsive woman. Fire department medics arrived and advised that the victim was deceased. The woman was identified as the 58-year-old resident of the apartment. Falmouth police, state police and the medical examiner’s office are investigating the incident. At this time, the death does not appear suspicious.

Tuesday, July 28

9:59 AM: A tractor trailer pulled down low-hanging high voltage wires on Bar Neck Road. The road was closed for a short time and traffic was rerouted. Eversource responded to rectify the situation.

4:54 PM: Officers were dispatched to assist with a woman who was threatening the driver of an RTA bus with a knife in front of the police station. Officers found the woman inside Eastman’s Sport and Tackle. The driver of the bus stated that the woman was removed from the bus earlier as she did not have proper payment. She boarded the bus a second time with a knife in her hand. The knife was a folded knife that was never opened and never presented in an assaultive fashion to the driver. The driver did not want the woman on the bus with a knife. When officers located her in the store, she began to scream that she needed to go to the hospital. A passerby stated the woman had followed him around Main Street for the past couple of days. She was believed to be dealing with mental illness and was transported to Falmouth Hospital for treatment. Falmouth Hospital released her shortly after.

10:16 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Steamship Authority in Woods Hole for a woman who was refusing to leave. Steamship security stated she was blaring music from her car in the 15-minute parking lot, dancing around the parking lot, and hanging upside down from a tree and swearing at passersby. Officers talked to her and found she was smoking marijuana and that she stated she was a “hippy.” The woman’s mother responded and drove her home.

Wednesday, July 29

5:04 PM: An officer came upon a two-car crash on Gifford Street. Both vehicles were heavily damaged and required tows. The drivers refused medical attention and were transported to their homes.

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