Thursday, March 11

11:40 AM: Officers responded to the Gosnold Grove apartments for an overdose. Officers arrived and discovered the man fled the area prior to arrival. Police did not find him.

11:53 AM: Police placed Brian A. Ferreira, 53, of Falmouth into protective custody after they found him passed out on the ground on Limerick Lane. He is on probation and banned from drinking. Police contacted probation and they issued an arrest warrant to bring him to court.

6:38 PM: Family and friends of a 30-year-old woman reported she was making suicidal statements while drunk. Based on the statements, she was taken into custody, transported to the emergency room and committed.

8:15 PM: Officers responded to Casa Vallarta for a man who was reported to be making inappropriate comments to staff. He was drunk and causing a disturbance when officers arrived. Police arrested Elias Liatsis, 74, of North Falmouth and charged him with disorderly conduct.

9:14 PM: A Gosnold Treatment Center staff member reported that a man at the center had overdosed. Staff administered four doses of Narcan and the 30-year-old Falmouth man eventually responded. He was placed in protective custody for drugs and transported to the emergency room.

9:46 PM: Officers were dispatched to a Waquoit residence for a disorderly woman. While en route, dispatch advised that the woman had overdosed. Officers found her to be disorderly and extremely intoxicated from gabapentin. She was placed in protective custody for drugs and transported to the emergency room.

Friday, March 12

2:21 AM: A Queen Street resident reported that a van was parked outside her home with its engine running. An officer encountered the occupant, Damion Liptrot, 36, of Falmouth, who became very agitated as the officer explained he could not park overnight on the street. The van was also not registered or uninsured. As such, it had to be towed. When notified, Mr. Liptrot refused to exit the vehicle. His level of agitation increased, and he started screaming at the officers. He was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The vehicle was towed, and Mr. Liptrot was issued a criminal traffic citation for an uninsured motor vehicle and unregistered vehicle.

2:54 PM: A pickup truck towing a landscape trailer ran through the traffic cones and struck a water valve at a road construction site. The town’s water department crew was working on a water main and had moved away from the work site to evaluate water flow when the truck came through the site. It was unknown if there was any damage caused to the water valve. There were no reported injuries. The vehicle fled from the scene. Witnesses to the crash provided the license plate number to the investigating officer, and the incident remains under investigation.

3:43 PM: A walk-in reported that he had just been involved in a minor crash with a cyclist on Teaticket Highway. The cyclist left immediately with his friends. About an hour later, a caller reported that his son had been hit by a car on Teaticket Highway while on his bike. The cause of the crash appears to be a group of negligent cyclists. No injuries were reported.

9:49 PM: Police responded to an overdose at a Deer Pond Road home. The resident was administering chest compressions. First responders administered multiple doses of Narcan and continued CPR until the 38-year-old man regained consciousness. The fire department transported him to the emergency room.

Saturday, March 13

12:07 AM: Officers responded to Spring Bars Road for a woman who had passed out on the sidewalk. It appeared she was intoxicated and had fallen and hit her head. Medics transported her to the hospital.

11:15 AM: Officers responded to a Hatchville Road residence after a social worker stated a woman left suicidal threats on her voicemail. Officers responded and found the woman to be intoxicated and uncooperative. Her parents were on the scene and stated she was suffering from mental health issues. She was transported to the emergency room.

3:57 PM: Officers were dispatched for an erratically operated vehicle on Route 151, near Sandwich Road. The vehicle was swerving and driving on a flat tire. A citizen was able to get the driver to pull over just before Mashpee. The responding officers called for medics to check on the 71-year-old driver. She was cleared medically and transported to her house in Mashpee.

8:21 PM: Officers were dispatched to an overdose at a sober house on Vidal Avenue. The staff had administered Narcan. The man was transported to the emergency room.

11:04 PM: A sober living facility on Woods Hole Road reported that a 32-year-old Provincetown man, possibly under the influence of methamphetamine, was banging his head on the floor causing injuries to himself. Officers administered aid until the fire department medics arrived. He was transported to Falmouth Hospital for treatment.

Sunday, March 14

9:44 AM: Officers responded to Walmart for a report of a man passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle. Officers arrived and found him to be intoxicated to the point where he was vomiting up blood. Fire department medics transported Mathieu T. Miller, 30, of East Falmouth to the hospital. He will be summoned for OUI-liquor.

12:37 PM: A landlord of a Main Street apartment building called to report a tenant had sounded “off” on the phone and was possibly hallucinating. Officers responded and found the man to be suffering from mental health issues. Medics transported him to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation and treatment.

7:10 PM: Two dirt bikes were being operated erratically on Route 28. An officer attempted to stop them. The pursuit was quickly ended but one of them tried to re-engage police by pulling up behind and beside the patrol car. One of the dirt bikes was last observed on Polaris Drive in Mashpee and the other on Baptiste Lane in East Falmouth. The incident is under investigation.

Monday, March 15

3:19 PM: An employee of Bosun’s Marine Storage reported that eight boats had been broken into at the storage on East Falmouth Highway. The individual boats were processed by a county crime scene technician. The incident remains under investigation.

9:24 PM: An officer stopped a car on East Falmouth Highway after learning that the registered owner had an expired license. The passenger in the vehicle was licensed; however he appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Officers suggested a field sobriety test, but he declined. The owner/operator was eventually able to renew her driver’s license online. She was allowed to drive the vehicle away and was given a citation.

Tuesday, March 16

7:51 AM: Officers were dispatched to the Royal Megansett Nursing Home on County Road for a report of a person firing a gun in the building. It turns out no gunshots were fired, and the man who reported them was suffering from a mental illness.

1:29 PM: Officers were dispatched to the Harborview Apartments on Scranton Avenue for a report of an intoxicated woman. Police found her and she refused treatment, so they placed her in protective custody.

5:38 PM: A Falmouth Hospital staff member called to report that a patient had damaged medical equipment in the emergency room. Emergency room staff that the suspect was hanging from the light and kicking and punching the walls, and he was chemically and physically restrained. The responding officer was unable to question the suspect due to his mental and physical state. A summons will be requested for the damage to the light.

5:43 PM: A staff member from the Gosnold Treatment Facility called to report that a man in the lobby appeared to be intoxicated and was becoming verbally abusive. Staff advised officers they had administered a breath test, and the man’s blood alcohol content was estimated to be 0.47 percent. Officers transported him to the emergency room.

Wednesday, March 17

6:03 AM: Police and fire personnel responded to a report of an unresponsive person. They determined the 77-year-old had died. It is under investigation. At this time, the death does not appear suspicious.

11:12 AM: Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on Woods Hole Road to check the welfare of a juvenile. A staff member from Wavepoint Academy received an audible email from the juvenile that contained people screaming in the background. Officers arrived and spoke with both the juvenile and mother. It was determined the juvenile’s mental illness was escalating to a degree where she was a threat to herself and her mother, and both agreed she should go to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

12:05 PM: Officers responded to an apartment on Rose Morin Lane to check the welfare of a woman making suicidal statements. Officer determined she was intoxicated. She admitted to making the statements. She was transported to the Falmouth Hospital via ambulance for further treatment and a mental health evaluation.

10:39 PM: A McDonald’s restaurant employee called to report that there had been a minor crash in the drive-thru line and suspected one of the drivers was intoxicated. Another 911 caller reported the same vehicle had been in a crash at the TD Bank on Worcester Court. Officers found the car and driver, Ross G. Johnson, 35, of Mashpee, and determined he was under the influence of drugs. He was arrested and charged with OUI drugs and negligent operation. The car was towed. He was released on personal recognizance.

Thursday, March 18

3:44 AM: A 59-year-old Falmouth man entered the police department’s lobby and reported that he had suffered a seizure and woke on a park bench in Teaticket Park. He was disoriented and reported missing personal items. Medics responded and transported him to Falmouth Hospital for an evaluation and treatment. Police checked the park but the officer was unable to locate his belongings.

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