6:30 PM — Executive Session

1. M.G.L. c.30A s.21(a)(3) – Smyth v. Falmouth Conservation Commission – consider plaintiff’s request for extension to file appeal

7 PM — Open Session

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Proclamation: Katharine Lee Bates 160th Birthday

4. Recognition

5. Announcements

6. Public Comment

7. Introduce Irie Mullin as Associate Town Counsel

7:15 PM — Summary of Actions

1. Licenses

a. Application for Special One-Day Wine & Malt Liquor License – Woods Hole Historical Museum – Oyster Talk & Tasting, 579 Woods Hole Road – Friday, August 23, 2019

b. Application for Special One-Day Wine & Malt Liquor License – Historic Highfield, Inc. – Bluegrass on the Lawn – 56 Highfield Drive – Sunday, August 11, 2019

c. Application for Special One-Day Wine & Malt Liquor License — Historic Highfield, Inc. – Holidays at Highfield-Members Preview – 56 Highfield Drive – Tuesday, November 26, 2019

d. Application for New Second-Hand Dealer License – Kara McGrath, Located at Home Again Consignment Shop, 94 East Falmouth Highway, East Falmouth

e. Application for New Common Victualler License – Devour, located at 352 Main Street, Falmouth

2. Administrative Orders

a. Vote to Exercise the Right of First Refusal for 42 Mill Farm Way, Unit 7 and assign said property to the Falmouth Housing Trust

b. Notice of Naming Request: Request for Plaque at Taft Playground, Woods Hole. Per Naming Policy, Board will consider action after August 5, 2020.

c. Vote to Accept Donation in the Amount of $500 from the Teaticket Civic Association to the Veterans Donation Account

d. Vote to Approve Expenditure in the Amount of $500 from the Beach Department Donation Account for Life Guard Awards Night

e. Approve Community Preservation Committee Applications – Various Sources

1) Affirm Public Works Application for CPC Funding for design, North Falmouth Bikeway Extension

2) Approve Recreation Department Application for CPC Funding to Rehabilitate the North Falmouth Tennis Courts

3) Approve Conservation Department and The 300 Committee Application for CPC Funding for Invasive Species Management at the Little Pond Conservation Area

4) Approve Edward Marks Building Advisory Committee Application for CPC Funding to issue a RFP requesting responses from professional preservationists to develop a “Historic Structures Report” for the building

5) Approve Commission on Disabilities Application for CPC Funding for Design Funding for an Inclusive Play Space and Park at 67 and 81 Davisville Road

6) Approve Recreation Department Application for CPC Funding for the Guv Fuller Field Rehabilitation 2 Project

7:30 PM — Public Hearings

1. Wetland Hearing – Robert Sperry – Construct a fixed pier that will extend approximately 92 feet beyond mean high water into Eel Pond, located at 134 Antlers Shore Drive, East Falmouth

7:45 PM — Business

1. Report – Historical Commission

2. Presentation by Consultant on Updated, Final Report on Upper Cape Towns’ Collaborative Wastewater Analysis with Joint Base Cape Cod

3. Review/Discuss William Hollow Road abandoned house

4. Request for Sign Variance – Off-Premise Promotional Signs – Falmouth Rotary Club Craft Fair

5. Annual Committee Reappointments

a. Veterans’ Council Committee

b. Correct term date for Building Code Board of Appeals

6. Minutes of Meetings:

a. Public Session – July 8, 2019

b. Executive Session – July 8, 2019

Vote to Release/Not to Release Minutes of Executive Sessions

c. Review of Executive Session Minutes and Vote to Release

7. Individual Selectmen’s Reports

8. Town Manager’s Report

9. Review and/or Discuss Correspondence Received

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