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“I don’t understand people who don’t touch their pets. Their cat or dog is called a pet for a reason.” – Jarod Kintz

We have a new dog to feature in this week’s column. He has a funny name—Shamu. He got that moniker because he’s black and white (and if we’re honest, a bit round), but that’s where the similarities with the famous whale end. Around the shelter he has the reputation as the dog with the sweet temperament who loves being with people. And since we currently have a shelter full of affectionate dogs (who love to be petted, natch), that is saying a lot. Shamu was surrendered anonymously, so we don’t know his history. However, the fact that he arrived already neutered and a bit overweight indicates his previous owners didn’t give him up easily—he was clearly cared for. We estimate his weight at around 65-70 pounds. He looks like an American bulldog/border collie cross. He loves to play, he loves to give kisses, and he seems unfazed by other dogs. The volunteers are working on leash manners as well as assessing which basic commands he knows (other than sit, that is). He’s food motivated and eager to please. He isn’t terribly interested in long walks, but that may be because he’s not used to walking long distances and he is carrying a few too many pounds. We’ll know more about him once he goes to the vet for a thorough check-up and his standard vaccines.

By the time this article is printed, Emmie, our sweet 1.5-year-old terrier mix will likely already be in her forever home. This little girl has had many visitors over the last week, and some were so devoted they came most every day during our open shifts to be with her. Hamlet, our black brindle pit bull, also has made a love match, and he may be going to his forever home this weekend.

We told you last week about two new senior dogs we had just got in. Those dogs are Ringo and Desmond, father and son. Ringo, at 14 years old, looks to be a purebred Westie, and Desmond, at age 12, is a Westie/Bichon Frise mix. Both dogs were severely neglected and therefore, they need more care before they are ready to be adopted. They’ve been to the vet for the basics and will go again this week for a full spa treatment—neuter, pedicure, teeth brightening, you get the picture. Because they’re not quite ready for the red carpet, we’re going to wait until they’ve really been primped and powdered before we publish any pictures. What we can tell you is despite the neglect they suffered in the past, both dogs are very even-tempered and affectionate. They crave human attention and love to go outside on short walks and to explore. They do need some more work on their toilet-training, but they are catching on quickly. We will be adopting the dogs out separately, as each dog needs his own family to pamper him. Each would be perfect for a single person or couple who leads a quiet life.

If any of the above dogs sounds like your perfect idea of a “pettable” friend, please drop by.

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