The following students from were named to the Head of School list at Falmouth Academy for the first semester.

Zachary Crampton, Falmouth; Packy Ledwell, Falmouth; Abigail Neubert, Falmouth; Sarah Thieler, Falmouth; Benjamin Gulmann, Falmouth; Samuel Kellogg, Falmouth; Sophia Legutko, Falmouth; Roberto Marzot, Falmouth; Nate Holmes, Falmouth; Gus McGuire, Falmouth; Julietta Marzot, Falmouth; Ezra Ackerman, Falmouth; Matthew Brown, Falmouth; Elise Casso, Falmouth; Erik Gulmann, Falmouth; Matthew Kellogg, Falmouth; Joseph Legutko, Falmouth; Faye McGuire, Falmouth; Luke Okoshi-Michel, Falmouth; Sophie Holmes, Falmouth; Tarun Gonneea, East Falmouth; Kailei Hoehlein, East Falmouth; Clint McDowell, East Falmouth.

Also, Logan Moniz, East Falmouth; Ethan Pratt, East Falmouth; Alex Rickard, East Falmouth; Sam Thrasher, East Falmouth; Julia Mele, East Falmouth; Joseph Childs, East Falmouth; Adele Francis, East Falmouth; Lila Journalist, East Falmouth; Abigail Brown, East Falmouth; Sara Cook, East Falmouth; Max Donovan, East Falmouth; Taleena Gonneea, East Falmouth; Elizabeth Jazo, East Falmouth; Fletcher Parsons, East Falmouth; James Riddiford, East Falmouth; William Thrasher, East Falmouth; Ray Zhang, East Falmouth; Elise Soule, East Falmouth; Henry Stoermer, East Falmouth; Christina Yang, East Falmouth; Sean Yin, East Falmouth.

Also, Margaret Lowell, North Falmouth; Marcus Greco, North Falmouth; Yasmeen Aubrey, North Falmouth; Susanna Lowell, North Falmouth; David Aubrey, North Falmouth; Soren Peterson, West Falmouth; Harrison Webb, West Falmouth; Sophie McSherry, West Falmouth; Avery Webb, West Falmouth; Sadie Leveque, Woods Hole; Benjamin Angell, Woods Hole; Anne Jeffrey, Woods Hole; Lucian Bolton, Falmouth; Noah Leveque, Woods Hole.

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