James Kallberg

US Navy Seaman James Kallberg

James Kallberg of Falmouth, a US Navy seaman serving aboard the guided missile destroyer USS Stockdale, was awarded the Stockdale’s Blue Jacket of the Quarter (BJOQ) for the second quarter on April 8.

Seaman Kallberg is a graduate of Falmouth High School.

“It feels pretty good to be awarded BJOQ,” Seaman Kallberg said. “I wasn’t really expecting this, but it’s something that I am proud to have been awarded.”

An undesignated seaman, Seaman Kallberg is working with the deck department while he waits to see if he strikes the quartermaster rating. Undesignated personnel must be undesignated for at least one year to be eligible to choose a rating. While waiting to strike a rate, sailors do hands-on work around the ship, stand watch and operate the helm.

“I don’t have a rate yet,” Seaman Kallberg said. “What I do now is mostly hands-on work outside, which I enjoy. Being undesignated is definitely challenging at times, but striking for rates is competitive and it keeps me motivated to be the best sailor I can be.”

In addition to daily responsibilities such as standing watch or completing maintenance checks, Seaman Kallberg is qualified as a Master Helmsman.

“My proudest accomplishment in the Navy would be getting Master Helmsman qualified,” Seanab Kallberg said. “If you’re a Master Helmsman you drive the ship for special evolutions such as underway replenishment, sea and anchor, and straits transits, to name a few. It was a qualification that took hard work to get and it’s something I really enjoy doing.”

Seaman Kallberg has been in the Navy since 2017.

“I joined the Navy to do something different than just go to college right away after high school, to step out of my comfort zone a little bit and to start my own life independently,” Seaman Kallberg said. “I think what I am doing now, even if it can be challenging at times, is better than if I just stayed at home and never joined.”

The Stockdale is Seaman Kallberg’s first ship.

“Something that is unique about serving on Stockdale is that we are one of the higher-performing ships out there,” Seaman Kallberg said. “It feels good to know that we take care of business out here.”

The Stockdale is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer armed with long-range missiles intended for air defense to counter threats to friendly forces posed by manned aircraft and anti-ship, cruise and ballistic missiles.

Destroyers are warships that provide multi-mission offensive and defensive capabilities. They are 510 feet long and can be armed with Tomahawk land-attack missiles, advanced gun systems and close-in gun systems. Destroyers are deployed globally and can operate independently or as part of carrier strike groups, surface action groups, or amphibious readiness groups.

The Stockdale is forward deployed to the US 7th Fleet area of operations in support of security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

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