Challenging light wind conditions tested the Megansett knockabout fleet’s skills in last Sunday’s two races. A west-southwest wind blowing a whopping 8 knots or so greeted the fleet as they made their way to the racecourse.

Andrew Powers with Tyler Caldeira as crew had marks set and the Race Committee flagship Pure Bluff was on station and ready for the action to start promptly at 12:30 PM. As the fleet circled the starting line, Cob Web II and Obsolete had wandered far out towards the Nyes shore, apparently checking conditions across the racecourse. Multiple courtesy horn blasts were sounded from Pure Bluff in an attempt to get the strays closer to the start area.

However, in keeping with the policy of trying to avoid the infamous Megansett Time syndrome (always being late), no offense meant to Tom Reilly’s boat Megansett Time, the Race Committee commenced the five minute starting sequence at 12:30. Cob Web II made it to the line just in time for the start but Obsolete was nearly 4-5 minutes late to cross. (Don’t feel sorry for Obsolete just yet!)

The first race brought the fleet twice around the windward-leeward course. There was some jostling for position amongst all boats as they sailed the first weather leg. The light wind made it difficult to read the optimal course and it was critical to play the lifts and avoid the headers. As the downwind leg was started Brenda Hernandez and Shep Halloran had Late Show II in the lead, and they would stay there to the finish.

Now, remember “don’t feel sorry for Obsolete?” Well, Anthony Julian got Obsolete cranked up and made short work of his nearly 5-minute starting deficit working his way through the fleet and sailing into the No. 2 spot only 18 seconds behind Late Show at the finish. It is possible that Obsolete may have taken the lead for a while on the final run to the finish. This writer cannot verify this fact as Finally! was considerably off the lead due to some unforeseen onboard technical difficulties.

Due to the diminishing wind availability the second race was shortened to just one windward-leeward lap around the course. All boats were present and accounted for as the starting signal was sounded and the fleet charged across the course towards the anticipated favorable Nyes shore. It was a real dogfight for about half of this windward leg but, again, Late Show II excelled and was soon multiple boat lengths in the lead as the weather mark was rounded. Obsolete’s performance did not falter in this second race and also rounded the windward mark multiple boat lengths ahead of the rest of the fleet and hot in the hunt for Late Show.

Late Show held on for the win with a giant 52 second lead over the second place Obsolete. John Powers’ Finally! was sailing with veteran Kentucky knockabout crew Beth Blackey onboard and after shaking out those first race “technical difficulties” was able to complete the second race with a respectable 3rd place finish.


1. Late Show II, Brenda Hernandez & Shep Halloran

2. Obsolete, Anthony Julian

3. Mae Win III, Web Collins

4. Cob Web II, Bruce Eldridge

5. Finally!, John Powers

6. Megansett Time, Tom Reilly


1. Late Show II, Shep Halloran & Brenda Hernandez

2. Obsolete, Anthony Julian

3. Finally!, John Powers

4. Mae Win III, Web Collins

5. Cob Web II, Bruce Eldridge

6. Megansett Time, Tom Reilly

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