Now in its 15th season, the Middle East Forum of Falmouth will present five lectures this summer. In deference to COVID-19, the lectures twill be given as a series of Zoom webinars.

The Sunday lectures will deal with diverse topics, moving through Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel and Turkey, with insights into their history, politics, sociology and religion.

On July 12 Dr. Randa Slim, a senior fellow and director of conflict resolution program at the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC, will lecture on “Challenges and Reform Opportunities Facing Lebanon.” Since 2006 she has organized and participated in diplomatic negotiations in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

On July 19 Dr. Joshua Landis, director of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, will lecture on “Oil, COVID and the New Middle East: Implications for US Policy.” Dr. Landis, who is fluent in Arabic, has held academic positions in Damascus and Beirut, and his time in Syria and Lebanon included extended stints during their civil wars.

On August 2, Dr. Henry Munson from the Anthropology Department of the University of Maine will lecture on “The Role of Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” His current research focuses on the relationship between religion and violence.

On August 9, Dr. Rashid Khalidi from Columbia University will lecture on “The Hundred Years War on Palestine.” He served as an adviser in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the early 1990s. His book, with the same title as his talk, will be available at Eight Cousins Bookshop.

On August 23 Dr. Soner Cagaptay, director of the Turkish research program at The Washington Institute, will lecture on “Erdogan’s Empire: Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East.” His book of the same title as his talk will also be available at Eight Cousins Bookshop.

Lectures, which will run for about 40 minutes followed by a question-and-answer period, will begin at 5 PM on the Sundays noted above. The webinars are open to the public and are free of charge.

To register for the webinars, email with your name and email address. More information about the forum and the speakers is at

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