Betsy's Diner Keuchkarians

Betsy’s Diner owner Kazar Keuchkarian and his daughter, Danielle Keuchkarian.

By Monday morning, October 26, word of a second thousand-dollar tip received at a Falmouth eatery was spreading around town early after a posting on the Facebook page of Betsy’s Diner on Main Street.

An anonymous couple left the big tip after eating breakfast at the diner the previous day.

The Facebook post showed a photo of the bill with the $1,000 tip written underneath the $30.39 tab.

“We thought it was a mistake,” owner Kazar Keuchkarian said. “We thought it couldn’t be right. It’s just amazing, that extra generosity out there during the times that we’re going through.”

There were four servers on duty Sunday morning, he said. They all help each other when serving tables, and tips at Betsy’s are pooled.

Mr. Keuchkarian said a man left the check on the table and went out before staff could thank him.

“We all ran out to find him but he had left,” he said. “I would love to meet him and give him extra thanks. Things are going to be challenging in the next few months, especially on the Cape, and his generosity went a long way.”

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Lisa Gail

Bless that couple! 🙏❤️❤️🙏

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