Plymouth & Brockton Bus

Passengers board an airport-bound Plymouth & Brockton bus.

Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway Company bus service is still coming to Falmouth.

“We basically have a license agreement negotiated with P&B to provide service at Falmouth Station, along the line that this committee has approved,” EDIC director Michael DiGiano said at the Tuesday, September 8, meeting of the EDIC. “We’re basically holding that unsigned agreement in escrow because Plymouth & Brockton basically are monitoring what happen at the airports, both Logan and in Providence, as to when they will provide service.”

When Plymouth & Brockton is ready to provide service to Logan and T.F. Green airports, Mr. DiGiano said the parties will execute the agreement. While no date was announced on Tuesday, he said late September was previously discussed as an option.

Mr. DiGiano is also working to bring an OpenCape internet connection to Falmouth Station. He is looking at the price of underground wires, running them from a pole on the corner of the site to an existing phone utility box.

EDIC administrator Lynne A. Broderick said there is some maintenance work going on at Falmouth Station as well.

“The air conditioning system was not working consistently,” Ms. Broderick said. “We had some pump issues. Unfortunately, the vendor that was awarded the contact, because of COVID-19 and his health issues, he has gone out of business. Having said that, we are working with a local fuel company and think we are about a few days away from they installing new pumps.”

The second maintenance issue relates to building’s 2017 renovation.

“When the station was renovated, one of the things that was not done at the time, because they ran out of money, was sealing the building. We are having an issue around one window,” Ms. Broderick said.

Water is coming in through the window and into the wall, causing water damage and mold. Peter C. Byerly of Beacon Architectural Associates assessed the area and determined the corporation needs to fix the mortar and reseal the window.

“I’ve contacted several locals masons to get some quotes,” Ms. Broderick said, noting the EDIC needs to think about sealing the entire building, not just the one window on the south side.

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