Tataket Square In Falmouth

Tataket Square on Teaticket Highway in Falmouth

Construction of the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod’s new clinic at Tataket Square on Teaticket Highway will begin by the end of this month, and a mobile vehicle that will offer syringe-exchange access along with other clinical services will start operating in March.

“The Tataket Square location will be our bricks-and-mortar location, and construction has not yet begun there, but we expect it to start before the end of the month,” Leslie J. Sandberg, the group’s communications manager, said Tuesday, January 21.

Both the stationary site and the vehicle will offer all services the group provides, including prevention and screening, HIV and hepatitis C testing, short-term health navigation, sexual and reproductive health services, overdose prevention education, and naloxone distribution and training, among others.

“There will be navigators at the Tataket Square location to help guide people to other healthcare providers for service that we can’t handle at this point in time, but there will not be syringe access there,” Ms. Sandberg said. “The mobile vehicle will have those services and will be the only place in Falmouth that will collect and distribute syringes.”

The group is still determining specific locations and schedules for the mobile vehicle, Ms. Sandberg said.

The Tataket Square location will have a conference room large enough for the group to host trainings, space the group did not have at its former Town Hall Square location.

Also, regular sweeps for syringes will be part of the group’s routine in Falmouth. Businesses and residents can call the group for a harm-reduction specialist to remove needles during the regular sweep route, Ms. Sandberg said.

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