Trump Trailer

The New England For Trump merchandise trailer in North Falmouth

The sidewalk in front of the Trump merchandise trailer in North Falmouth was once again vandalized over the weekend, according to the Falmouth Police Department.

Officers arrived at Holly Park at 634 North Falmouth Highway on Saturday, September 19, just after noon and found the words “F**k Trump” spray-painted on the walkway. Police believe the vandalism took place in the overnight hours, Falmouth Police Lieutenant Douglas DeCosta said.

Officers notified the Falmouth Department of Public Works the day it was discovered. Lt. DeCosta said the DPW will most likely contact the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, as it occurred along state road Route 28A. As of Monday morning, September 21, the message was gone.

Police are investigating the incident along with a previous episode of vandalism on the site that occurred on August 29 when the pop-up store had been dented, advertising signs crushed and a large sales rack knocked over.

Operated by New England for Trump, the stand sells T-shirts, bumper stickers, flags and hats. Since opening in July, it has been a divisive fixture, becoming a hub for opposing political views. Protesters have stood on the sidewalks daily since it opened to show their opposition to the president.

The graphic T-shirts have messages like “Trump 2020 Make Liberals Cry Again,” “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co. Build The Wall Deport Them All” and “Deplorable Lives Matter” as well as the LGBT-themed “Liberty, Guns, Beer, Trump” shirt.

This is not the first time graffiti has been found on or near the trailer. The employee working there said in July the trailer has been egged and tagged with graffiti reading “Trump Sux.” Later, a man was arrested for allegedly driving up onto the sidewalk and trying to run people down, then allegedly dropping his pants, exposing himself and spitting in the face of a woman who was landscaping, yelling that he tested positive for coronavirus. The woman shoved him, and he punched her in the face, according to the police report.

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start bringing these idiots up on treason charges as they are defiling the Great president of these UNITED STATES!! it will take so little in charges that the left will stop when people are jailed!! Try 25 years for treason against the states and it will stop! after all we are in the midst of this mostly demoratic state as it is turning to the RIGHT!!


So much for “no place to hate”.

It appears that only one side of a discussion has the right to hate.


Thank you! More free advertising for the divisive Trump stand that I do not find divisive. The Falmouth Trump Haters in action again. Destruction of property, defacing property, etc. Peaceful protesters, just like Portland, Seattle, DC, NY, etc.? Will the violent Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Anarchists protesters be next?


So Sad...Voters should not be intimated or threatened. Bias has no place in our elections by town workers, poll counters or volunteers.

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