Misbehavior continues at the George Gaspa Sports Complex on Sandwich Road.

“Somebody had stolen the protective padding on one of the basketball poles for the basket,” Recreation Director Joseph E. Olenick told the recreation committee at its meeting on Wednesday, October 9. “I went down there today to take a look. One had the padding on it, one does not. I filed a police report and alerted the assistant town manager.”

The Sports Court-branded padding will cost approximately $290 to replace. Mr. Olenick said insurance will not pay for replacement as the cost was not high enough.

The recently fixed court, which features new backboards and rims, remains open.

“There are a lot of people who play out there right now, which is good,” Mr. Olenick said. “It gets a lot of good use.”

Committee member Richard J. Boles asked why someone would steal the padding from just one of the hoops. Committee member Scott A. Ghelfi presented a theory.

“Because they only have a single one in their driveway at home,” Mr. Ghelfi said.

Committee member Michael G. Heylin asked the padding was labelled as property of the Falmouth Recreation Department. Mr. Olenick said the only label on the padding was the Sports Court branding.

Chairman Robert Brown said the theft ties into ongoing discussions regarding security there. The committee discussed installing security cameras at the sports complex. 

“It is a deterrent,” Mr. Brown said. “For example, I know people behave a lot better in the hallways of a courthouse because they know there are cameras.”

Ms. Cuny said it might be something to put into the capital plan, particularly if problems persist.

This marks the second incident at the George Gaspa Sports Complex in recent months. In August, a group of baseball players practiced on the closed baseball diamond, leaving trash after they left. The committee sent a letter to youth coaches requesting their help in protecting the fields. The letter asked coaches to use an app notifying them of field closures and to contact the recreation department if they see organizations playing on fields in an inappropriate fashion, such as playing when it is raining.

“The baseball field is super, it rested well,” Mr. Olenick said. “We haven’t had any more occurrences on it, which is good.”

The recreation department posted an update on its Facebook page, stating there would be no questions asked if the padding is returned to the court.

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