Boulders Gone

The boulders that had been blocking Luciano Botelho Way were gone Tuesday morning. 

As of Tuesday morning, August 3, the boulders that were blocking Luciano Botelho Way from connecting to John Parker Road had been completely removed.

At the end of last week, the boulders had been moved to the edge of the road. This week, they are gone. 

The issue of the boulders blocking the road between 25 and 31 Luciano Botelho Way was brought before the planning board last week. Residents of the neighborhood were in attendance to provide background on the situation and explained that the homeowners association was working toward getting the rocks moved, but had not been successful.

It is still unclear who removed the rocks and when.

“It doesn’t appear to be the homeowners association because most of the time the homeowners association doesn’t have a piece of equipment to move boulders around,” Falmouth Town Planner Thomas Bott said. 

In a conversation July 30, Mr. Bott said that he is aware that the boulders are occasionally moved to the side of the road to allow cars to pass through, but it remains unclear who has the authority and equipment to do so.

“I do know that they kind of got moved to the side, like you could drive through them," Mr. Bott said. "But I don’t have any confirmation of who moves them and how often they move them other than the anecdotes and the reports that I’ve gotten from folks in the neighborhood. I can’t really say what’s up other than it’s weird and it can’t go on like that.”

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