A Charlton man was arraigned in Falmouth District Court on Monday, June 25, on charges related to drunk and disorderly behavior at a sober house in Falmouth.

Sean W. Hegarty, 29, of Charlton is charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery, assault and battery of a police officer (two counts) and vandalizing property.

Falmouth police responded to the Red Brook Road sober house following a report of a drunk and disorderly tenant. 

"While en route to the residence, dispatch update the call and stated that the male party involved was now 'destroying the house,’ " Officer Cody R. Murray wrote in his report.

Police located Mr. Hegarty in the front of the house and observed the man standing unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech. Police were told that Mr. Hegarty had gone to a liquor store, gotten drunk and returned home. Officer Murray's report states that after Mr. Hegarty was told this was inappropriate behavior at a sober house, he became disorderly, assaulted a roommate and ran into the street yelling. The home owner reported damage to a dresser and screen door at the house. 

"I then proceeded to ask what did he damage in the house, and this was when Mr. Hegarty stated to become extremely disorderly in my presence," Officer Murray wrote. "He began to shout over my conversation with the home owner, saying, 'I didn't [expletive] break [expletive]. I didn't do nothin'!" 

After Mr. Hegarty called Officer Murray another name, police placed him in handcuffs.

Police worked to secure Mr. Hegarty in the back seat of their patrol vehicle. Patrolman Joshua Oliver wrote that Mr. Hegarty resisted throughout the process by flailing his body around and kicking at the bars covering the window. Officer Oliver twice informed Mr. Hegarty that if he did not stop, he would be tased.

"At this time, Mr. Hegarty turned his toward officers and spit," Officer Oliver wrote. "The spit landed on both Officer Murray and I. Mr. Hegarty then turned his face toward mine to spit again. At this time, I applied a drive stun to the side of his body. He then rolled onto his side and lifted his leg to kick me. Due to his actions, he was drive-stunned again."

At this point. Mr. Hegarty became compliant and was secured in the back of the car. However, he continued to make threats directed at the officers en route to the police station, Officer Murray wrote.

Mr. Hegarty's pretrial hearing is scheduled for July 24. He was ordered held on $1,000 bail.

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