The Falmouth Community Preservation Committee will consider time-urgent applications for the April and November 2021 Town Meetings.

Administrative clerk Carole E. Sutherland said at the meeting July 9 that the committee had three options, including proceeding with a regular round of funding for the April 2021 Town Meeting and exchanging the regular April 2021 round of funding with the time-urgent November 2021 round of funding.

“That would give us a pause, but what that would mean is a full funding round in November of next year followed by a full funding round in April of the following year, so there would be back-to-back full funding rounds,” Ms. Sutherland said. “That would get very, very busy. That would be a choice, but my personal preference is if you are going to do two back-to-back of anything, I would prefer you do two back-to-back time-urgent-only rounds.”

That was the third option presented: running two consecutive time-urgent funding rounds for the April and November 2021 Town Meetings, resuming the regular schedule in 2022.

“The finance director is on board with any of these options. My thinking has led me to option three as the most careful of them. I have a number of reasons for that. It is a conservative approach that allows the CPC to still work project applications, but at a lesser amount than seen during a full funding round,” Ms. Sutherland said.

The 10 Community Preservation Fund requests scheduled to go before Town Meeting in April have not been acted on, and these project applicants would be allowed to seek additional funding during the time-urgent funding rounds if necessary, Ms. Sutherland said.

“We don’t know what is going to happen with those. The worst-case scenario is they don’t get approved by November. That is not likely, but it is a possibility, and we have to talk about it as a possibility,” she said.

Committee member Stephen Patton, who noted that he originally supported swapping the regular and time-urgent funding rounds, said he would support two consecutive time-urgent rounds if the committee can be flexible.

“If we are willing to be flexible with urgency, my opinion changes,” he said.

Chairman Russell E. Robbins said the committee can use its judgment to determine what applications qualify as urgent.

“We can be very flexible with the urgency, no matter what it is. If something comes up, we can make it happen,” he said.

Ms. Sutherland confirmed the committee can do this.

“I am in full agreement that some of the time-urgency criteria be loosened rather than tightened,” she said.

Committee member Michael Stone said the committee can also reconsider its vote later. While it can plan for two consecutive time-urgent funding rounds, the committee can change those plans if the situation allows it.

“It seems to make sense to be a little more conservative and see how things develop in the upcoming months,” Mr. Stone said.

The committee voted unanimously to support two consecutive time-urgent funding rounds.

“I just like the option that is going to take care of the applicants the best,” committee member John L. Druley said. “That is what we are here for.”

Although an application deadline date was not announced, the committee previously suspended the August 12 deadline. All three options proposed extended that deadline to a September deadline and to a date to be announced.

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