Ashumet Pond

High levels of cyanobacteria have been discovered in Ashumet Pond. It is one of four freshwater bodies in town where the toxic algae has been detected in the past week. 

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod and Falmouth Water Stewards have issued an advisory for hazardous cyanobacteria blooms in four freshwater bodies in Falmouth.

High concentrations of cyanobacteria were discovered in Cedar Lake and Ashumet Pond during last week’s routine sampling. Moderate levels of cyanobacteria were found in Crooked Pond and Johns Pond. Deep Pond currently remains in the low concentration tier, but officials made note of suspicious material along the shoreline.

Residents are advised to avoid all contact with the water at Cedar and Ashumet, as there is a high risk for adverse health effects. Caution should also be exercised at Crooked and Johns ponds, as even moderate levels of cyanotoxins can lead to health issues, officials said. Accidental consumption of contaminated pond water could lead to headaches, fever, sore throat, dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle aches, liver and kidney failure and, in extreme cases, death.

Cyanotoxins are especially hazardous for children and pets. Both the APCC and the FWS are asking people to avoid these areas as much as possible, even while boating, to mitigate risks.

Thirteen Falmouth ponds are being monitored by the FWS and the APCC for hazardous cyanobacteria blooms this summer. Sampling is done on a biweekly basis. Freshwater bodies that have shown a moderate or high concentration of cyanobacteria will be assessed weekly. Testing results can be found on the APCC’s website.

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A map of where the ponds are located would be a great help.

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