Motor VehicleOon The Shining Sea Bikeway

Motor vehicle on the Shining Sea Bikeway

A visitor driving to a Fay Road residence took an unexpected detour on Monday morning.

Falmouth Police responded to the Shining Sea Bikeway near Fay Road at 9:29 AM on Monday, July 1to a report that a woman had driven her 2002 Cadillac Seville onto the bike path.

“They were on the road, driving to a Fay Road address, and the GPS told them to take a turn, so they did,” Falmouth Police Lieutentant Douglas M. DeCosta said. “They thought it might be a driveway or a dirt road.”

It wasn’t.

Instead, the woman and her male passenger ended up on the Shining Sea Bikeway. They were soon informed by a bicyclist of their mistake, Lt. DeCosta said. She was able to exit the bike path via the access road used to enter it.

“The operator of the car on the bikeway was not issued a citation because the operator used a bikeway access road that resembled a driveway to access the bikeway,” Lt. DeCosta said.

Because of the potential for confusion, he said police will look into placing a barrier by that access road to prevent future bike path encroachment.

Police shared a photo of the car on the bike path via its Facebook page. As of Tuesday, the post was shared 354 times, generating more than 260 comments and 600 reactions.

Scott R. Lindell, chairman of the bicycle and pedestrian committee, described the situation as “hard to believe.”

“I have never heard of that happening before,” Mr. Lindell said.

He said most drivers would catch onto their mistake quickly, as most cars cannot fit on one side of the yellow line on the Shining Sea Bikeway.

This is not the only GPS-related incident this year. On April 13, a woman following GPS directions drove her minivan over the embankment at the end of Ter Huen Drive.

The GPS indicated that Ter Huen Drive was not a dead-end, she said.

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