The twin brothers hit by a car while riding their bicycles in Falmouth on Tuesday, July 30,are recovering from their injuries.

The 15-year-old East Falmouth brothers were struck by a 2001 Audi driven by a 62-year-old Sandwich woman at the intersection of Barrows Road and Baptiste Road. The Falmouth Police and Fire Rescue departments responded to the crash at 4:23 PM.

Both injured teenagers were not wearing helmets, police said.

Two other bicyclists were involved in the collision, but were not injured. The uninjured bicyclists, ages 14 and 15, were also from East Falmouth. Police did not release the names of those involved in the crash.

“One of the injured 15-year-olds was transported by Medflight to an off-Cape trauma center; the second injured 15-year-old was transported to Falmouth Hospital by the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department,” Sgt. James Cummings said.

Lt. Douglas M. DeCosta said the bicyclist medflighted to a Boston-area hospital is scheduled for release. The teenager transported to Falmouth Hospital has been treated and released.

The driver remained at the scene and cooperated with the police department’s investigation, Sgt. Cummings said.

“There are no charges pending,” Lt. DeCosta said.

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This was a sad story but sounds like things are working out for the two boys. Hope so. This highlights the dangers of cycling on or near major highways, and our lack of foresight in building decent bike paths along major roads, putting riders and drivers at risk.


You are correct, when they build things they look out 20 years instead they should be looking for a 50 year or hundred year plan.Especially when they build things it takes 5 years sometimes to gert started and by then it is already a flawed plan., they do not get the public involved like they should, the public knows a lot more about whats going on instead of someone behind a desk pushing a pencil and worrying about themselves instead of the community.Thank you for bringing this up.

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