An East Falmouth man was arraigned on four charges following a crash near Mashpee Commons in December.

At 9:56 PM on December 21, Mashpee police responded to the Market Street and Route 151 intersection following a reported accident. Mashpee Police Officer Minor J. Elizondo reported that a Toyota Tundra had rear-ended a Ford F-150 truck. A tow truck was also at the scene.

According to Officer Elizondo’s report, witnesses said the driver of the Toyota Tundra, Philip R. Afonso, 40, of East Falmouth, had repeatedly attempted to pass the Ford F-150 and tow truck while driving along Route 28.

“[The reporting party] stated Philip continuously attempted to pass them by going over the yellow line,” Officer Elizondo wrote. “[The reporting party] stated Philip continued this behavior until the Mashpee rotary, where he drove on the grass area of the rotary. During this act, Philip almost struck the Christmas signs.”

Officer Elizondo interviewed Mr. Afonso at the scene.

“Philip stated the tow truck driver cut him off when traveling on Route 28 in Barnstable,” Officer Elizondo wrote. “Philip admitted he lost his calm and acted very aggressive toward others. Philip was advised he was deemed at fault for the accident.”

While the driver of the Ford F-150 was on-site, Officer Elizondo was unable to get a statement from her on December 21, because she was being treated by paramedics. She was transported to Falmouth Hospital following the crash. She provided a statement to the Mashpee police on December 23.

“After rear-ending [her], Philip exited his vehicle and approached her driver’s-side door,” Officer Elizondo wrote. “Philip screamed at her, ‘I’m going to [expletive] kill you.’”

His report states that Mr. Afonso then approached the tow truck and tried to open its door, causing $184 in damage to the door handle. At this time, the driver of the Ford F-150 left her car.

“[She] stated she exited her vehicle to run away as she was afraid of being trapped,” Officer Elizondo wrote. “Philip then ran towards her and once again confronted her. [She] stated Philip, with a closed fist, struck [her] on her left shoulder and said, ‘This is all your fault, you dumb [expletive].”

Officer Elizondo’s report indicates that police were provided with a “video Philip made on ‘filter free falmouth.accident’ admitting to his actions and road rage.”

Mr. Afonso was arraigned in Falmouth District Court on Monday, January 13, for assault and battery, threatening to commit a crime, malicious damage to a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct. He was to return to court yesterdayon Thursday, January 16, for a pretrial hearing. He was released on personal recognizance.

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I hope they made his surrender his guns and driver's license. He's a dangerous person.

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