Paul Brodeur

Paul Brodeur

The emergency operations center at the Main Street Falmouth Fire Station will be named after former fire chief Paul D. Brodeur.

Chief Brodeur served 34 years with the Falmouth Fire Department, including as fire chief from 1997 until his retirement in 2010. He died of lung cancer in January 2017. 

"He really was a visionary," Fire Chief Michael F. Small said at the Monday, October 28, board of selectmen meeting. "[The emergency operations center] is a huge asset to the town." 

Chief Small proposed renaming the center the Paul D. Brodeur Emergency Operations Center last year. Per the board of selectmen's naming policy, the board waited one year before acting on the name change. 

During his time as chief, Chief Brodeur advocated for and created the emergency operations center.

"Chief Brodeur was fire chief during 9/11, and as we know, there were a lot of communication issues and a lot of infrastructure was down," Selectman Douglas C. Brown said at the Monday, October 28 meeting. "It brought to light we needed to improve our own communication center here."

Mr. Brown said the town's emergency operations center includes innovative and robust infrastructure, can be set up and fully operational within 30 minutes and can serve as a multi-agency coordination center. It is staffed during storms, including the recent bomb cyclone, as storm-related calls could otherwise overwhelm the 911 system. 

"[Chief Brodeur] was the visionary [who] created all that," he said. "They don't want to name it just to remember him, but because he deserves it." 

The emergency operations center is located on the second floor of the Main Street Falmouth Fire Station. The room is often used for public meetings, including meetings of the Local Emergency Planning Committee. 

The naming ceremony is tentatively scheduled for the January meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee. 

In addition to approving the name change, Falmouth selectmen approved spending $4,100 from the fire department donation account to purchase a bronze memorial plaque and door signs for the Paul D. Brodeur Emergency Operations Center. 

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Thank you so much for honoring Uncle Paul! I'm his niece and would love to come to the naming ceremony. Will it be open to the public? Thank you!

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