The following individuals, groups, companies and organizations have made contributions to the Enterprise Community Fund in the past week:

In loving memory of Ginny Wrigley, from Les Wrigley

Leonard and Patty Johnson

Gary and Jane Rabesa

Pam and Paul Steudler

Carl and Elizabeth Ruggles

Doris Epstein

Paul T. Spelman

Remembering P.W. Munroe

Rob and Kris Reynolds

In memory of David Dewees, from Anne Dewees

Falmouth Fiddlers Association

In memory of Tom Roberts, a friend gone but not forgotten, from Madeline and Dick Lopes

Margaret M. Foley

Leigh Campion and Robert Silva

Kathleen Koch

Vicky Cullen and John Waterbury

The William and Linda Zammer Charitable Foundation

Jill Neubauer Architects

In loving memory of Jackie Addison

Jayne Bullock

Steve and Judy Clark

Winnie C. Mackey

Amy and Nicholas Lowell

Stephen and Debra Brocklebank


In loving memory of M. Douglas Stafford, Virginia Dyer Stafford, Rick Milburn

Alan and Lynne Robinson


John and Cheryl Holdren

Judith Fenwick

In loving memory of Irene H. Leaf, from the Steven Leaf family


The Geishecker and Theofanides Families

Gretchen and Tom Sweeny

John and Marj Hurley

Patricia Gadsby

Carolyn Moulton

In memory of our Old Silver Beach group: Carolyn, Maryann, Mickey, Jim and Tom. Missed and loved! And no presents— remembering my dear friend Ann Dunnigan!

Deborah Hayden

In honor of our veterans, police and fire departments, from Sharon Poulos

In memory of Richard H. Backus for the WHOI Biology Dept. Gift, from Denise Backus

In memory of Judy Harvey, Pat and Ed Hurley and Pete Harvey, from Terry and John Harvey

Alician V. Quinlan

Ron and Sharon Nunes

In memory of Scott Orluskie, from Jan and Tom Orluskie


Lee and Debbie Gove

Claire and John Courchesne

Jerome and Cheri Renfrow

Sheila and Robert Conroy

Joe, Connie and Martyna Family

Judy Willis

Anne Botsch

In memory of Marge Noonan, from Betty Craig

Lorraine and Jenn, in memory of Ben Piscopo

Edie Merriam


Jeanne Concannon

Janet Walbridge

In honor of all the helpers in our community, from Natalie Mariano and Shelley Fenily

Martha L. Adams

Martha R. Hearn


Newton H. Gresser, MD

In memory of Milton Steele, from Peg Steele

George and Sandra Hussey

Mary and Jay Elliott

Suzanne Morse

Brenda and Tom Roache

Dodie and John Tudor

John and Susan Simchock

Richard and Polly Moniz

Susan Frawley


Pennie Hare

Carol C. Reynolds

In loving memory of Marjorie Noonan, from Mary Ellen Powers

Tom and Mary Jo Benjamin

Fran Senner-Hurley and Jade Hurley

Darryl duRivage and Bill Rogers

Jerry and Judy Callahan

Joanne R. Voorhis

In honor of Russ and Sue Robbins, from Eric Turkington and Nancy Taylor

Olive Beverly

Art and Booje Calfee

In memory of Bill and Brian, from Doris Curran and Family

John and Lyn Gould

Joyce and Charles Foley

In loving memory of Ken Rebello, from his family

Margaret and Jacek Sulanowski

Clayton Jones and Lydia Mathger

Molly Cornell


Tom Kirkman and Gayle Simundza

In honor of our exceptional staff and volunteers at the Falmouth Service Center, from Kerin Delaney and family

In memory of Paul and Rita Olenick

Jacqueline Webster



Beth Traubert


Total through December 30:


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