Dome Rendering

The Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals voted in favor of a special permit to construct 43 residential units on the site of the former Nautilus Inn and Dome. An architectural rendering shows what the dome and a nearby building could look like.

Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals last week unanimously approved plans for residential development on the lot of the former Nautilus Motor Inn and Dome.

Mark Bogosian and Jonathan Janikies, doing business as Woods Hole Partners LLC, plan to construct 39 market-rate age-restricted units between five buildings and four affordable units split between two duplexes.

The zoning board of appeals put 27 conditions on the special permit. Four of those conditions focused on the future of a historic Dome on the property, designed by architect R. Buckminster Fuller.

A permanent historical preservation restriction on the Dome must be recorded before any building permits may be issued for residential structures. The developer must “achieve substantial restoration/preservation of the Dome within three years from the issuance of a building permit for any residential building.” Restoration must be “substantially complete” before a building permit can be issued for building E, the structure proposed closest to the Dome.

A condition in the decision limits use of the Dome “to that of the common area of the Condominium Association,” and requires that it “shall be not-for-profit, and parking shall not exceed the eight spaces as shown on the plans proximate to the Dome.” Perpetual maintenance of the Dome must be specified in the condominium master deed and unit owners association declaration of trust, according to Condition 11.

The decision requires the developer to comply with agreed upon terms in the Woods Hole Community Association Covenant, and notes that “walking trails and outdoor recreation facilities on the Premises shall be open to the public, including the area around the Dome.” The decision adds, “The interior space of the Dome shall be accessible to the public with appropriate scheduling in advance.”

The zoning board of appeals also included conditions for the project based on the four affordable units. Construction of the units must be complete and occupancy permits must be issued by the time occupancy permits are issued for the first five market-rate units. The affordable units will be included in the subsidized housing inventory, according to the decision.

The board limited construction hours to Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM and on Saturdays from 12 PM to 7 PM. Construction vehicles must remain on the property while the project is in development, according to the decision. Lights on the property must be dark sky compliant to prevent adverse effects on abutters under Condition 14.

The planning board approved the site plan for the project in April. On May 30 the developer received an extension on a previous Development of Regional Impact Decision from the Cape Cod Commission.

Woods Hole Partners will next need a certificate of appropriateness from the Falmouth Historical Commission to proceed. Four of the proposed buildings lie within a historical district.

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I am thrilled that this has been approved. I am a senior citizen who has been looking for such a place and feel Wood's Hole and the many committees, both local and state, get behind this project so that it can be completed in a timely manner. There will always be some group looking to promote their own mission. Hopefully the need for senior housing isn't diluted or delayed substantially in an attempt to satisfy everyone.

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